Tuesday, August 13, 2013

HM4 - Pop goes the Meazel By Todd Hughes -Free Adventure For Your Old School Campaign

 Pop Goes The Meazel Is Available Right Over HERE
 Description : 
A thief is loose in the town of Rashtan, can you stop them? This module is designed for four to six players of novice or intermediate skill using characters of first level.

Adapting The Adventure Into Your Old School Space Opera 
 The meazel first appeared in the original first edition Fiend Folio (1981). According to Wiki and anyone who owns the Fiend Folio knows that the little bastards are very, very, dangerous. I was able to take the adventure and turn the location into another failed colony in the Talon sector. The adventure and the NPC's adapt rather easily into a hook for a campaign. My choice for the adventure was Stars Without Number but there are a number of science fictional retroclones that this module will easily. 
For a Mutant Future adventure these bastards not only fit but a slight adjustment allows them to act as a real hazard for adventurers with little problem.  Another slight adjustment and they are able to fit into a more stable village for someplace like Carcosa. This adventure makes an excellent "situation trap".  The author does a decent job of getting a monster as both hook and link to get the players involved.
There is a wiki entry on the little bastards but your best bet is the Fiend Folio first edition. 
Wiki entry HERE
 The PC's survived the encounter and even with superior technology the traps and tricks had them guessing. They did learn that sometimes blaster fire in an enclosed space isn't the best solution.
The game last night played out more like a Call of Cthlhu adventure then a hack and slash deal. I've used this module before about six months ago and even then the players didn't catch on. A bit of slight of hand goes a long way when using this type of adventure. Its short,sweet, and does its job very well. 


  1. Sounds like a delightful romp.

    I love that you've been promoting some things I haven't heard of. It's really astounding how much good stuff is out there for old school gaming. My hard drive runneth over.

  2. You haven't seen anything yet. Working on getting some word from some OSR sources you'll might not have heard of. I've been doing quite a bit of playing with some friends. I'll have more to share in the morning Tom. Cheers and thanks as always for the comments!
    Stay tuned.


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