Thursday, May 28, 2020

Everything In World War Two & Your Mother - A Review of The Free Marvel Super Heroes rpg Netbook Adventure 'In The Shadows of Evil' Compiled, Written and Designed by Christopher P. Tyne

"It is the winter of 1943. The world is in the grip of war. Three quarters of the European continent is in ruins, crushed beneath the heel of a German jack-boot. Neither the sands of Africa nor the steppes of Russia are safe from the Nazi scourge. On the other side of the world, the waters of the Pacific run red with blood. While the valiant allies struggle against seemingly overwhelming odds, the dictators in Berlin, Rome, and Tokyo gleefully divide the world amongst themselves for conquest. As the sun sets over europe, freedom is soon to become little more than a fond memory. Welcome, true-believers, to Dreamslayer’s first Classic Marvel Superheroes RolePlaying Game Crossover Extravaganza! In the Shadow of Evil is designed for a Judge and up to eight players. The adventure can be played either on its own or as a prelude to a World War II ongoing adventure."

I have a huge soft spot in my heart for TSR Marvel Super Super Heroes rpg & it seems to remain a classic with a fanatically devoted  fan base. I went looking for some inspiration the Classic Marvel Forever website that's one of the most developed fan sites on the internet net & its got a bit of a reputation as a pirate site as well. But what I stumbled upon in the netbook section gave me chills Marvel Super Heroes rpg Netbook Adventure  'In The Shadows of Evil' Compiled, Written and Designed by Christopher P. Tyne. 

'In The Shadows of Evil'  is a love letter for the Marvel Super Heroes rpg game for everything 80's & 90s fantasy, adventure, & horror film related spun through the lens of a Marvel Super Heroes rpg mini campaign . 'In The Shadows of Evil'  features elements of classic 70's Invaders Marvel Comicbook mixed in with an healthy dose of Aliens, Indiana Jones, & much more. All of this goes back to the fact that during the '76 I was reading about Captain America, The Submariner, Union Jack, all going head to head with Baron Blood the vampire Nazi blood sucker! All this while OD&D was being played around my little six year old brain. 

Flash forward to 'Eighty four & the first editions of Marvel Super Heroes Rpg which had a huge incarnation of classic Forties Marv erm Timely heroes in the pages of Dragon magazine in the Eighties. Then in the Nineties we got Marvel's Ultimates Avengers &  Captain America  from which sprang the classic Disney MCU we've all known & loved. 

'In The Shadows of Evil'  it does it s job of creating a mini World War two cinematic/comic book Marvel Super Heroes game universe for the player's PC's to go to town in! Seriously if your classic Marvel 70's Invader's fan there's plenty of weirdness to sink you teeth into. And it takes the game into the realm of an alternative 90's style Marvel Captain Marvel War World II campaign. 

There is a ton of fan service here for the players & its solidly done with some hard love. Everything but the kitchen sink has been thrown in for the Marvel Super Hero rpg player & fan. Personally I'd love to completely & utterly run this! There's even a bit for the classic Clive Barker Hellraiser fan thrown in to boot! That includes me folks btw! 

Is  'In The Shadows of Evil' worth the down load?! As a free Marvel Super Heroes min campaign certainly! Is it worth it just for the laughs?! Well actually in my mind this is a tightly written & designed adventure sure there are some flaws but 'In The Shadows of Evil' will provide a year or more's worth of World War II Marvel Super Heroes rpg action! 

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