Tuesday, May 5, 2020

The Saga Continues.. Not That One But My Castles & Crusades Ordering Adventure..

The Castles & Crusades saga continues & this time it starts with the collectors store.com. Back on 24th Apr 2020 I was looking for some Castles & Crusades book bargains. Up pops the  the collectors store.com & a bunch of great C&C titles. So I jumped at the chance to own some of these. They really are some great ones.
 I found  Castles & Crusades Death in the Treklant for 3 dollars & fifty cents. Castles & Crusades Elemental Spells for four fifty. Castles & Crusades Brindisium Adventures two dollars & fifty cents & finally Castles & Crusades Mystical Companions for five dollars. I patiently tracked the Castles & Crusades titles until they were delivered not to my  New Hartford Connecticut address  but  into the bowels of Hartford Connecticut. Calling the the collectors store.com I was told that they would have to call me back. Dear readers I was truly looking forward to reviewing these great C&C  titles for my blog.

Since we've been in the middle of this pandemic work has had me on the ropes & a flurry of phone calls & chance meets in the grocery stores has my players kinda hot to play C&C along with Siege Engine again as soon as this pandemic situation lifts. Really kicking myself tonight looking for a bargain instead of waiting to do business with Troll Lord Games. 

Is this situation with the collectors store.com their fault?! Not really its more down to the US Post Office screwing up with their delivery & not be able to tell geography even in the middle of a pandemic.  I've been doing sewing machine repair work like you wouldn't believe & I was looking forward to settling down & reading through these Castles & Crusade  titles for my upcoming campaign & this blog.

This is my first time ordering with  the collectors store.com but will it be my last? Sure the money isn't a huge amount but when you work for yourself every dollar counts. Could I reverse the charges on the order?! Yes but its not really about the money but the gaming every time some order decides to go missing. I know there are literally thousands of gamers that lost orders have happened to. You know the disappointment & manure that goes with planning out a campaign only to have your books vanish into the ether. I'll let you know how this works out gentle readers. Next time I'm sticking with the Trolls & no cock ups..  

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