Monday, May 11, 2020

Issued Apology To Erik Tenkar & More Free Castles & Crusades Goodness With The Updated & Expanded Castles & Crusades Crusader's Companion

So let's start off with an email from Robert Higdon, "Not familiar enough with your Blog to understand why the dig at Tenkar, but he is in the hospital right now with a heart condition, so perhaps he can be excused for not covering the issue."  The 'dig' in question was this;

"Apparently I managed to sneak this order  in before the great Lulu controversy of 2020. Evil races not being considered canon anyone in fifth edition D&D? Who cares! Lulu completely changing their website format & locking out customers as well as  creators? Yeah that didn't hit Tanker's Tavern did it! Nope instead it hits the OSR Henchman Abuse blog. "

The 'dig' wasn't directed at Erik Tenkar whose going through Hell right now with medical issues. I'm really sorry for him going through this heart issue  & wouldn't wish it on anyone. But I didn't see any other OSR blogs besides Henchman Abuse blog covering the Lulu issue. Can Tanker's Tavern be excused? Of course it can & I'm I sorry that I called him out in the middle of a life threatening medical procedure? Yes I'm very sorry that someone whom I consider a friend is going through a life threatening situation. Erik Tenkar & his family are in my thoughts & prayers. I'm sorry if any way, shape or form that this was a personal attack on my part. It wasn't.. We here at Swords & Stitchery wish nothing but the best for Eric Tenkar & his family during this difficult time.  So unlike others I'm more then happy to 'man up' & do the right thing.

On a happier note there's an expanded & updated Crusader's Companion available for free here. This is another monster of a book with updated classes, expanded rules, & much more clocking in at a whopping five hundred & nineteen pages! This is a perfect companion for a Castles & Crusades player's guide! 

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