Saturday, May 16, 2020

In The Shadow of Tegel Manor - Play Session Report One

So we rolled in at about five A.M. & it was a great night of gaming! I'm using various incarnations of Tegel Manor including Frog God Games Tegel Manor. I cranked up the Gothic & Lovecraftian elements to eleven in last night's game.

Frog God Games old Tegel Manor kickstarter video. It really gets the manor's feel across!

A pirate ship anchored itself into the bay of Tegel village after making its way through the plane of water to this planar wandering Tegel Manor! One of our player's PC's followed a group of pirates escorting a VIP NPC up to the Bark & Byte to meet with one of the Houri troupe that was entertaining there. There was an exchange of gold for a small red vial of liquid. The VIP in question was a Prussian army general  in charge of the special projects division. He's got a deal going with the Slavers organization whose got some contraband from Cha'alt on board the pirate ship.

My world wary Prussian General inspired by
Gerhard Johann David von Scharnhorst  

One of the party got into a bar knuckles wrestling match with some farm hands & sailors in one of the abandoned houses around Tegel village. He won by the skin of his teeth & his second bout was even closer! But it was after the match that things got very weird & dangerous. The PC followed what looked like an ordinary couple into a small root cellar for a midnight randevu  it was anything but!
The PC crept into the darkness when something wasn't quite right. He got a glimpse of yellow stilted eyes in the darkness! Then two seconds later they vanished into the darkness. He found the sailor fast asleep & it too over fifteen minutes to roust him!? There were human foot prints on the soil that turned into strange but delicate dog like coyote tracks.

The party's bard meanwhile kept a close eye on the Prussian general inside the Bark & Bite tavern. Other members of the party kept the pirate ship in sight out on the bay. They are unaware of the Cha'alt mutant warlord aboard the pirate ship whose bounty hunters are even now scouring the countryside making their way towards Tegel Manor. Telepathically communicating with their boss aboard the pirate ship.

My mutant war lord was inspired by "A Barbary Pirate", Oil on canvas, 51 inches x 31.5 inches (129.5 x 80 cm) by Giovanni Guida (1837-1895). This piece has just the right amount of menace for Tegel Manor. 

The Cha'alt NPC mutant warlord was rolled up using the tables in Cha'alt & expanded upon with some of my home brew random tables. I'll be sharing those coming up! All in all it wasn't a bad game at all. Cha'alt definitely had its uses in last night's game.

I had a ton of fun adapting Castles & Crusade's Siege engine with the various OSR properties that I own. This campaign is gonna be great! All in all a good first session!
The manor continues its journey to 1870's Mexico next session. 

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