Friday, May 29, 2020

Make The Damned Great Again - Tegel Manor Session Report #3

If you've been following my Castles & Crusades/Victorious rpg mash up campaign in which I'm running my haunted house plane traveling version of Tegel Manor things are about to get demonic! 
There's been a weird 'Mandela effect' happening in our game 'new adventure ' locations popping up!  
Odd alterations of events?! New NPC's!? Is the DM adding stuff ?! Is he drunk or is something far more sinister happening?! 
Something far more sinister is happening of course! These alterations are happening to frequently not to be noticed! There's gonna be an infernal encounter in tonight's game as a swarm of Dretches are gonna grab one of the party members! 

Those adventure location alterations & changes to the Tegel manor landscape don't come cheap & an NPC has been dogging the trail of the PC's for awhile now. Someone is using the 'Dretches' to say 'hi' to the PC's. 

Is it one of the Rumps or someone far more sinister & weird?! And how could they be altering reality on a whole sale basis?! A powerful artifact must be involved!? One of the party is going to find a small stone demonic statue based on The Other Worldly Miniatures figure of the fat demon lord Orcus 

And what about those Cha'alt bounty hunters?! Did they take a vacation?! Where's the family Rump in all of these goings on?! 
Events in the Village Tegel are about to get 'interesting' to say the least. And what about rumors of a group of Lich Lords at the manor?! 

Then there's the village guard sputtering something about a demon slayer whose in the local lock up!? One thing's for sure we can expect chaos & mayhem in tonight's game session! 
Note that James Ward's Tainted Lands is playing a big part in tonight's game but I can't say too much. 

Liches are some of the royals of the damned! They can help be that change in the dungeon! Kill more adventurers! Put your faith in the liches of Orcus! Paid for by the friends of Orcus & the Add Council!

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