Wednesday, May 20, 2020

And then came Rafael Chandler.. Some OSR Thoughts On The Mayhem

Chill Devils, from the Crystal Hell of Narcosa!

So while the rest of the OSR has been dreaming & sleeping because of the Pandemic
Rafael Chandler has been quietly plotting something evil & very dangerous for your players. And it comes just in time to slaughter your adventurers!
The Metallic Tome comes in like a heat seeking slaughter metal rift of evil; "Incoming! At 6am on 6/6 (just 17 days from now), I'll be launching my new Kickstarter. Metallic Tome is a sourcebook for OSR games, inspired by heavy metal music. It features new spells, weapons, armor, and monsters, as well as face-melting random tables and wilderness encounters. More details in the days to come. Prepare yourselves for the Tr00 Kvlt Blastbeat! \m/"

This couldn't come at a better time with the hordes of  Castles & Crusades rpg campaign adventurers waiting to be slaughtered at the edges of the demiplanes of darkness! You might remember the awesomeness of  the Teratic Tome! Well this looks like its gonna be the OSR follow up to it!

And given the over the top nature Gothic slaughterpunk  of James M. Ward's Tainted Lands  these two tomes of monstrous horrific mayhem look like the perfect campaign setting additions to it! Given the fact that I've already got the whole package of Tegel Manor in play this fits right into the back burner of the planar setting material in spades.
The demon hunters, witch finders, & many of character classes in James M. Ward's Tainted Lands  are ideal suited to take down & slaughter the horrors found in this campaign.

When it comes the slaughter factor here there's more then enough good old school weirdness found within Tegel Manor. The village has for the past twenty years served as the backdrop for the evil of the Rumps. 

But what about Venger Satanis's Cha'alt surely the old school science fantasy cum desert setting of weirdness isn't suited to this campaign? Sure it is! There's lots of connections already established here. The chess board has been set up & lots of pieces are in play!  But the demon lords & monsters of the black pyramid want to kick over the board completely!

The steampunk weirdness of Mike Stewart's Victorious rpg sets the tone for the Franco Prussian war of an alternative Earth of 1870's. But there's far more going on here as alien bounty hunters make their way across the deserts of Mexico & South America.There's a lot happening to keep the PC's busy for the moment there.  But I was very sad that I didn't get in on the Castles & Crusades Codex Egyptium by  Brian Young kickstarter. But then I remember that I own a copy of Gary Gygax's Necropolis & its filled with all sorts of goodness that I can use for this campaign!

Oh I'm still planning on picking up 
Castles & Crusades Codex Egyptium by  Brian Young but its a ways off yet. I think for the moment I've got enough to torture erm keep my players entertained. 

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