Thursday, May 14, 2020

Back To The Manor Baby! Tegel Manor Session Zero Play Report

One of the ideas that's been kicking around my head has been using Castles & Crusades with the older 3.5 Ravenloft books but twisting it around Tegel Manor. But there's far more to my version of Tegel manor. But that could wait as we dive back into Tegel Manor's long & storied history in my OSR games. 

Sorry folks but I've been a wee bit absent for the last day & a half but campaign preparations have been made. Its back to the manor or in this case back to the original Judge's Guild  Tegel Manor or my campaign setting's  version of it. The time & space dimensional traveling version of Tegel Manor that's been terrorizing my players for more then 15 years now! Now with Castles & Crusades systems powering my games I feel that's its time to resurrect the manor & the machinations of the Rump family!

This coming Friday my players will be facing down a steam powered nightmare in all of its glory! Muhahaha! Its alive! The manor, its valley, & the surrounding land settings will be transported across history into the middle of an alternative Earth's Franco Prussian war right into the middle of the 1870's  battle zone!

Column of Prussian field artillery by the side of a road at Torcy in September 1870

What the Prussians don't know about is the PC's history with the house & its various appearances upon Venger Satanis's Isles of Purple Haunted Putrescence. The haunted house of horror will be appearing along the time line of one of the PC's NPCs brother's whose had interactions with  Tegel Manor.

There are two parties right now inside Tegel Manor & their up to their eye balls in the affairs of the Rumps. And things are about to heat up as mercenaries working for the Prussians begin to mettle in the affairs of Tegel Manor & the Rumps. All of this is going to bring the Hammer Horror & Victorious rpg  aspect of this campaign down on the heads of the players!

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