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Steam & Scandal 1971 - High Tech Mysticism & High Caliber Adventure Campaign Encounter

"Tracis Clay lit his "Vander Meer' cigarette & looked out on the face of Manhattan. The city hadn't changed much since he was last here in Nineteen Sixty Nine. But the skyline seemed so different now ever since the all out war between the Black Terror & the Black Bat had wrecked several key city blocks.But it was three years ago when Tracis had left the city after his uncle had been murdered by the Network guilds & the assassins syndicates. There were the usual investigation by his uncle's crowd but the Spider had come closest to nailing the murderers. But the Occult Brotherhood had warned Tracis off of the case. Leaning against his '71  Stanley Steamer Cruiser with its cherry red paint job he could almost picture the bastard's face. But now the Brotherhood had called him back because of weird disappearances down on 42nd street. These disappearances were connected to the cloying fields of darkness that appeared near the victims attacks . It was time to act, there was an aura around the city today." 

New York sky line photo by qwesy qwesy

The witch queen of the Drow is on the move! The Drow Empire is on the move again their scouts have come into a very world weary Pulp New York city. Here the internal combustion engine never really got off the ground. Steam is king, super powers are real, & magic is still king. The year is Nineteen Seventy One & President Nixon is trying deal with the India and Pakistan conflict. He's already sent in 'capes' & sorcerers into the mix. New York is ruled by the Assassins Syndicates & the Network Guilds. But there have been hundreds of disappearances of American citizens over the past couple of weeks. Its too many the heroes have already begun to notice.

NASA’s Apollo solar system program is much more advanced as the  Programs have made colonies on the Moon, Mars, & the interior solar system a reality. But mankind is not prepared for the dire consequences of what they've found out there. The the giant Columbiad space gun back in 1873 & the expeditions of 1901 & 1907 lead to the discovery of sophisticated extraterrestrial civilisation of insect-like creatures they call "Selenites". This opened up the solar system for exploration & exploitation by adventurers. Adventurers & super heroes  have been around since the 1300's. They've been driving the innovation & technological push of this world. Steam power has been one of mankind's driving forces & WWI pushed the power beyond known limits. The Martian invasion of 1905 ended the conflict of WWI & pushed man to almost near extinction.

But that was centuries ago & in six short years America is planning the Viking Program to liberate the Red Martians! That is if internally the world can hold together as super powered vigilantes & 'Capes' deal with all manner of vile villains in the back alleys of cities like Chicago, Los Angles, Tokyo, & New York. While World War I officially ended during the 'Martian Invasion' its shadow counterpart continues across the world in every back alley & dungeon imaginable.
Red China has its agents combing throughout the world for its ancient artifacts & relics of power while its check mated in the pacific by Ricca & other pirate nations. The lich kings having been funded by the British & Americans back in the 1860s.
Meanwhile Russia has joint treaties with both America & Alaska where her agents & super have checkmated an almost successful giant invasion backed by the Drow from 
the  Kerouac Wilderness. Night & Giant Trolls in the employ of the Drow Queen made war on several small towns in Russia & Alaska. They were beat back by a joint effort from agents & heroes.

But is it only a matter of time before the Drow force the cross over into this Prime across the dimensional straits of the Burroughs/Bakshi realms? Already the Sorcerer Deluxes & their secret society kings & queens from around the globe  gather in New York city to discuss the matter!
The Black Terror family is aware of what's happening & they've been meeting at their secret headquarters in New York City.

But President Nixon is afraid of another battle with the Black Bat & the Black Terror which wrecked half of New York! But the Black Bat has been silent for two years now which is very worrying to the Police Force of The United States Intelligence Branch ( a division of the United States Army formed after the Civil War to combat domestic threats).

This whole mini campaign has been inspired by G1,G2,G3, Gary Gygax's Against The Giants  series of modules combined with Amazing Adventures! Rpg Companion & Victorious Rpg By Mike Stewart. 

A lot of these adventure campaign concepts are going to be introduced tonight. My next purchase from Troll Lord Games is a physical copy of Victorious Rpg By Mike Stewart.  coming up! 

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