Tuesday, March 26, 2019

OSR Review The Zor Draxtau newsletter issue 2 & 3 For Your Old School Campaign

"Zor Draxtau is the periodic newsletter of the Usherwood Adventures campaign setting that highlights changes and updates to the campaign setting, OGC content otherwise only available in one of the adventures, etc. "Zor Draxtau is the OSR newsletter & has some really nice monsters in this issue & its perfect for adding in OSR adventure material. 

The Zor Draxtau  newsletter issue #2 only clocks in at nine pages & contains monsters like;  The Giant Frost Frog,The Bone Hound is a nasty construct & The Ice Golem just comes across a bad ass Frankenstein style monster. We get more of these style of monsters in   Zor Draxtau  newsletter issue#3 ; The Aquatic Troll is an underwater nasty troll, The Giant Marine Iguana is a giant 20 foot lizard, & a bunch of background on Xerksis, the Mage-King from the Bone-Hilt Sword campaign.

 The  Zor Draxtau  newsletter issues are perfect to mix OSR material & some solid monsters for your old school campaign. James D. Kramer does an excellent newsletter & job to present some solid OSR material. All in All you can't go wrong by down loading this newsletter & adding these monsters to your old school campaign adventure.

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