Thursday, March 21, 2019

High Tech Mysticism & High Caliber Adventure Encounter - The De Media Silvis

The chicken house of Baba Yaga is often seen marching through the 
the De Media Silvis & all sane folks avoid it. 

"Mayhap I shall find curious adventure - mayhap my doom awaits me. But better death than the ceaseless and everlasting urge, the fire that has burned my veins with bitter longing."
-Robert E. Howard, "The Hills of the Dead"

Captain the darkness it took the men & then the invaders as well. There were things among the trees & there was laughter there. The sound was deafening & then came the roars then the biggest son of a bitch I've ever seen saved up. He & his men slayed the dark things with the hoofs, claws, & tentacles. They're offering their services Captain & sir I think we should take em up on it. "
Bart Reynolds First Army Scout New York United Police

Beowulf, A Book of Myths


Just beyond the fires of the men of Drow City there lays another deeper wilderness that connects the long shadows of various worlds. There is the deeper woodlands, the alien woodlands where the reality of the wilderness washes against  the  Kerouac Wilderness. These are places where the Drow refuse to go for here there are monsters dark & dangerous. This place is where even the most dangerous giant has pause & the Night Trolls don't even dark to venture. Here deeper woodlands cross into the realm of nightmare & the monsters are even worse. 
Frog like twilight goblins stalk the darkness as the air it lit up with the glow from the Underworld that casts weird borealis in the skies above. Shadow dragons via with the Scum of Shub Niggurath as ghoul tribes trade blows with heroes who come here to test their meddle against the incredibly dangerous monsters. 

The De Media Silvis touches many planes & even the occasional Gug will venture here as the curse of the Elder Ones does not bother them here. They come to the ancient standing stones & will make war with the Hyperboreans from the far future who come to make offerings to the Elder Ones. One or more of these tribesmen is sacrificed to appease the carnal appetites of the Gugs or the scum of Shub Niggurath near the giant circles of Koth. 

Vision d'artiste de Shub-Niggurath By Dominique Signoret 

The city ruins of Sbcrath Koth are found deep in the dark forests guarded by ghoul tribes & the carnal monsters of 
Ubbo-Sathla. This is where many human wizards come to venture & certain tribes of mutants come from the Burroughs/Bakshi realms. The ruins of this place change & twist with the sleep of men & night mares come here to feed on the lost souls of psychics who fall pray to the lure of the song of Ubbo-Sathla.

1d10 Random Encounters In 
The De Media Silvis

  1. 1d6 gasmask wearing dream wizards of 5th level come to collect dark & shadow Fey here. 
  2. 1d4 wandering scum of Shub Niggurath who have come to pay homage to their mother thing by murdering some poor hapless fool. 
  3. 1d6 ghouls wandering the byways of the place on their way to trade with a forest wizard & they are hoping to avoid a manticore or shadow dragon here. 
  4. 1d6 Drow warriors whom the realm has swallowed. They are very itchy to not become a sacrifice to the Great Old Ones. 
  5. 1d8 Gugs looking for easy prey & sacrifices to bring back to the underworld. 
  6. Giant Slug on its nightly hunt 
  7. A manticore looking to dine on goblins. He carries the wounds of small arms fire from goblins 
  8. 1d8 human adventurers from the barbarian tribes of Croth on a hunting mission 
  9. Dark druids out for sacrifices there are 1d6 of these mad bastards on their way to the ruins of Sbcrath Koth 
  10. 1d6 Amazon warrior women on the hunt for a shadow dragon for their mistress wizard queen. They will trade with other adventurers but hate & loath goblins 

The De Media Silvis touches many worlds & occasionally there will be other places, times, & locations that phase into the mini plane. These times often have dire & mutational effects on those caught within this place as their mutations take on a dire & weird effect.  
The De Media Silvis is said to touch the last days of life on Earth & those who get lost can end up on the shores of the 'last sea'.  Their souls food for the undead giant crabs to call that place home. The De Media Silvis is a dangerous & unpredictable alien wilderness that tests the mettle of even the most jaded adventurer.

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