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High Tech Mysticism & High Caliber Adventure Encounter - New Drow City History & Violence

"All our best men are laughed at in this nightmare land."Pomes All Sizes (1992)
Jack Kerouac

'There are things out in the night these days. We don't venture into the darkness to much anymore except for supplies occasionally. They think they've got us beat but they have no idea about the roof top gardens or the runners. These days we use the cross bows to take out their night ogres during the day or their trolls that they hatch from corpses of our dead. Don't ever get captured by em. Its better to commit suicide then end up as some dancing horror taking out your brothers because you've got no choice. Where did they come from? Well as I heard it told by one of their witches they've been waiting to take this world for a very long time & was hiding out in the Underworld. They've been in our dreams this whole time,boys & girl'
Pappa Long Shot - Sniper Brooklyn Irregulars Group


New Drow City wasn't always the mecca of ruin & darkness it is now. The Drow who came were not the Drow known in the wilds of the kingdom of the of the Hawks . These were a far more dangerous strain who had long taken the darkness of the Elemental Plane of Earth before the Biblical Flood.  These Drow had conquered forgotten  portions of the Dreamlands underworld. With their strong magicks & witch clans they made war on the edges of the empire of the ghouls. They carved out a portion of the Underworld.

Faramarz kills the shah of demons (ghuls), from the Shah Nameh,
10th century Persian epic of the Kings from Welcome images 

They came home to Leng  for they were the progeny of the spider goddess
  Atlach-Nacha & a demon lord of the Abyss. They tortured any Men of Leng they came across & grew wise in the ways of man as the last Pict died on the waning of the Roman Empire. They are brother & sister to the spiders of Leng & use the men of Leng with impunity. The Drow nations tested the mettle of Arthur & his men laying waste to the edges of Fairy. The knights drove them back into the realms of Earth & nightmare. 

But they would not stay & during the years of the Black Plague they almost took a kingdom of  Man. But once again they were driven back into the Underworld. The nations of the spider queens & their witches stayed from the sight of man. But the Drow are a jealous & cruel people. By the 1900's they had sent their spies & night ogres into the back alleys. Cults dedicated to Orcus & Demogorgon put aside their differences & for one shining second they held the city. But then they were turned back by the tide of some unknown heroes & the greatest sacrifice was made by one of their number. They were banished to the darkness once again.

The Witch in the Stone Boat is an Icelandic fairy tale,
 found in Andrew Lang's The Yellow Fairy Book (1897).

They waited & brooded outside of time & space in the Dreamland's underworld until the stars were right for their crossing. The witch clans began the great works for the 'crossing' & the works of man stopped working. They made the signs & the cults of 
 Orcus & Demogorgon murdered & slit the throats of man. Now they control a portion of the city but there are others in the darkness who watch with greedy eyes.

Now the witch clans warn about the coming of strangers, adventurers, & there are rumors of ancient enemies. The Hyperboreans have come from another future to face down their old enemies. The 
Night ogre mercenaries whisper of their master's nervous flutterings & arguments among the wise councils of necromaners. The alters have been busy day & night as the Drow seek signs in the blackest Heavens & the deepest of cold Hells.

1d10 Dark Encounters 
& Random Encounters In 

New Drow City 
  1. 1d20 2nd level Drow fighters on sacrifice squad detail any & all humans are subject to their wraith for the sacrificial alters
  2. 1d6 night ogres out on patrol armed with a 3rd level human wizard/cult leader. They will try to capture or kill anyone they run across. 
  3. A spider  beast of Atlach-Nacha out to capture any adventurers they run across 
  4. A flesh weaver princess with 1d6 modified fighters out on a holy mission. Will kill any one she runs across not associated with her clan. 
  5. A first level fighter wounded. Actually bait for a clan of 1d6 4th level Drow assassins. 
  6. Clan spider fighters on giant spider mounts looking for humies to kill for fun armed with poison arrows & short bows. 
  7. Drider missionary looking for converts for his mistress actually sacrifices. Has a lair on 54 street. 
  8. Ogre night peddlers looking to poison some humies for fun. 
  9. 3 demon spiderlings looking to infect an experiment for their mistress. 
  10. A poor & helpless wretch in need of help. Actually a spider demon looking to murder a human or adventurer.

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