Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Blue Eagle Class Armed Transport For Your Old School Space Opera

Blue Eagle Armed Transport Star Ship 

Blue Eagle Class Pirate Transport 
Number Appearing :1-3 
Hull Type : FR (19 structure points, Piloting skill -9%) 
Armor: Reactive (46) 
Reactor: Expanded
Drive Class: A
Maneuvering  thrusters: none
Jump Drive: Yes 
Sensors: military 
Jamming systems: -30% 
Armaments:3 heavy recoilless  cannons in automated units 
Ammo: Enough to level a planet 
Shield generator: no 
Cargo space: 75 tons 
Other: 2 external docking ports, battle bridge 

After the fall of the old Earth Empire these ship's hulls were mass produced & sold for auction to a number of  "private" concerns. These ex military troop transports were heavily modified to the deep reaches of space travel where they prey upon star liners, Outer Rim Territoriality planets, & the like.
 These vessels sometimes make deep space runs for decades at a time & travel in groups of three. They are often used as supply points for other pirate raiders & lend support to these mission.
The motto of the Blue Eagles is too run silent & run deep. Life aboard these craft is cramped, spartan, & very well organized. The crew of these vessels are often mercenary outfits who sign on for a number of Einstein years at a clip. Used for planetary mop up operations & pirate transport life aboard these vessels is tense, exciting, & punched by great bouts of boredom. It is however the life of an adventurer.
The Blue Eagle is a time proven design that is still in production today & has been for over 500 years. The pirate concerns & corporations set a number of these hulls for sale to other interested parties upon the black market. Any number of backwater planets have these  hulls  modified into their own  within their arsenals. They are often not at well equipped or maintained but they have been known to mount several surprises upon these cruisers & so called system ships.
 These vessels have distinguished themselves in a number of conflicts including the Battle of Ya'ma against the Mi-go, The Shan conflicts, & many other military arenas of space

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