Friday, March 15, 2019

Playing With The OSR - First Impressions of SURVIVE THIS!! Vigilante City Rpg Villain's Guide By Bloat Games

Sometimes you've got to back off of something to really appreciate it such is the case of recently with  Bloat Games SURVIVE THIS!! Vigilante City -Villain's Guide PDF. This book clocks in at three hundred pages of OSR super villain goodness so in other words this is the Dungeon Master's Guide for the SURVIVE THIS!! Vigilante City Rpg.
This is the DM tool kit book for the SURVIVE THIS!! Vigilante City Rpg. And it does a solid job of providing the dungeon master everything they need to build up their own unstable society on the edge of collapse. This book gives you all of the tools to torture your player's super heroes in a customized setting.

The DM is given a selection of villain-based  Adventure  Seeds that they can blossom into full adventures, easy random  NPC and Villain Generation Tables, along with the  Mutant Island Adventure/optional setting. The SURVIVE THIS!! Vigilante City - Villain’s Guide is designed to mimic  the X-menSpider-man and TMNT cartoons of the 1990's & in that sense it succeeds because it takes the D20 Modern roots of its OGL to its barest of bones. Then it works all of its tools around the entire book to give you as the DM an actual usable set of tools to construct the campaign that you want. The SURVIVE THIS!! Vigilante City - Villain’s Guide is the perfect compliment book for the SURVIVE THIS!! Vigilante City RpgThe SURVIVE THIS!! Vigilante City - Villain’s Guide supports & expands the dungeon master's options at the table top level for constructing a super hero campaign setting that they want & it does it well.

Given the tools & systems that are available with the 
SURVIVE THIS!! Vigilante City - Villain’s Guide I would use the Mutant Island Adventure/optional setting that's in the book & expand upon it by back dovetailing into the Dark Places & Demogorgons rpg with a UFO twist or two. The DARK PLACES & DEMOGORGONS - The UFO Investigator's Handbook 

has some very need parts & pieces that hook right up with the Villain's Guide Mutant Island setting allowing the DM to connect the two game systems & settings with an extraterrestrial twist. 

Could the Greys or whatever aliens your using be turning the heroes back yard city into a test bed for their latest experiments?! Is there more behind the recent kid disappearances in the hero's home town or city? Could those super powered children that have been wrecking havoc be the product of aliens using your city or Earth as weapons testing facility? The  SURVIVE THIS!! Vigilante City - Villain’s Guide has all of the tools at hand to make this happen & think is well worth the price of admission & its the perfect compliment to the  SURVIVE THIS!! Vigilante City Rpg.I really think that Bloat Games has a winner on their hands & that the SURVIVE THIS!! Vigilante City - Villain’s Guide is worth your time & money.

The  SURVIVE THIS!! Vigilante City - Villain’s Guide Is Available Right Here 

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