Thursday, March 28, 2019

Review & Commentary On Secrets of the Immortals By Steve Miller From NUELOW Games

"There are those among us who are virtual Immortals. They age slowly, and when they die–no matter what the circumstances–they are nearly instantly recreated in a new body.   Some of them choose to watch the world go by from the sidelines, recording events and sometimes offering guidance to mere mortals through wisdom that is born from the perspective of someone who has been part of history for many centuries. Others take an active role, fighting for the betterment of the world, or to advance their own selfish desires. One of the Immortals can be the greatest ally a party of player characters have ever had, or the worst enemy. "

In the world of D20 Highlander style immortal PC's  have been around forever. But an actual set of guidelines for using them in a D20 style game hasn't. I've been looking to use them in Mutant Future & my Amazing Adventures! rpg campaign.  For quite some time now   NUELOW Games has put out a Modern Basics OGL product that is surprisingly good.  It clocks in at ten pages of well laid out & easy to read text which I really found refreshing. The artwork is solidly done also very surprisingly adapt for the product.
The PC template or class is easy to adapt to an OSR game which uses the D20 system as it base. The pool of the immortals take the PC from mortal to immortal well you know the drill. But these are slightly different immortals because this product uses & conveys them traveling the planes & multiverse. This means that there is a solidly made selection of feats for character creation that takes this rules set outta of the normal confines of the Highlander style set up & into the realm of science fantasy.  

This lithograph was taken from the frontispiece of 'Afghaunistan' by Lieutenant James Rattray. Two Afghan nobles of the Durrani tribe are depicted, fully armed, with their helmets decorated with peacock feathers. These two warriors would later walk the path of the immortal to be seen fighting the alien forces of the Mi Go on Ceturi IV.

Secrets of the Immortals does an excellent job of presenting a brand new option for both D20 & OSR games such as Mutant Future to the table top the lay out is well done & easily readable. The class is easily adapted to stripped down D20 games such as Castles & Crusades or the Siege Engine. Even games such as Dungeon Crawl Classics  could benefit from these Immortal crusaders.

Nuelow even provides some excellent support  for from the author/owner of Neulow Games Steve Miller. He's got extra feats & content right on his blog for Secrets of the Immortals . All together I really enjoyed the Hell outta of this book & it provides me the guidelines to put these PC's into my game campaigns without the fear of unbalancing & wrecking the whole setting. I highly recommend  Secrets of the Immortals  for your old school games with a D20 OSE Basic Twist. Highly recommended! 

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