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Updating Gigerland An Encounter For 'High Tech Mysticism & High Caliber Adventure' As Well As Old School Campaigns

Among the very undercurrent of the dreamstream is a place where no sane person ventures. A little piece of the human unconsciousness that rolls under a forbidden moon & has never seen the light of a proper sun. The winds howl like banshees & the periods of light & darkness are followed by the horrors of now. The very landscape rolls & changes according to the whims of a mad man .
There are treasures beyond human understanding & horror beyond anything a mortal mind can grasp!
 The world is buffed by howling astral winds & those who enter it will encounter a strange Earthlike atmosphere in some areas that seeps up from the ground. Others areas will have poisonous or no atmosphere at all. The place seems to have a malevolence about it. 
Gigerland Encounters 
File:Birth Machine.jpg 

  1. Bio mechanical Babies - These human sized horrors will regard, wail, & free themselves from the landscape. These are 3 hit point creatures. They are quite strong & rip, tear, anything they get a hold of. They are not flesh as we know it but a bio mechanical material. They may absorb any material that is nearby converting it into their black, oily, flesh 
  2. Psycho Sexual Beasts - 3 hit points These nightmare beasts from some dark corner of the human soul are part scavenger, part human anatomy lesson, & part predator. They are pure scavengers. They will attack with needle sharp claws & an attitude. There is a 30% of those who receive wounds from these monsters will turn into one unless a save poison is made. 
  3. Dexterity check as the bio mechanical landscape rearranges itself into a more pleasing form for itself. This happens every 8 hours 
  4. 1d6 xeno Alien life forms explode from the grounds!  
  5. Femaloid rusty torso - 2 hit point screamer! This thing screams its blasphemous praises to the uncaring skies causing all within a 40" radius -2 on all rolls 
  6. 1 d6  Watch guardians 4 hit point creatures cluster around a bio mechaniod ruined factory complex. They will mindlessly attack anything around them with bio cannons for 1d8 points of damage. 
  7. Birth Machine Babies - These horrid 3 foot tall creatures, wail, gurgle, & speak forbidden secrets among themselves. They will not attack but will bare witness to anything passing their way. They will telepathically taunt anyone nearby. They are only 2 hit points but regenerate as trolls when blown apart mocking the attacker
  8. Bio mechanical Goddess - A strange pseudo sexual/ religious figure who seeks the worship of others but offers nothing but a mocking contempt. 
  9. Bio mechanical Tentacled Horror 4 hit points of whirling, stinging, ripping, tentacled horror. This thing slithers across the ground taking anything it can find. The tentacles spew acid for 1d3 points of damage, can operate independently. They can even grow into another horror within 8 hours with enough flesh & bone from which to pull sustenance
  10. Bio mechanical users - 3 hit points These are the 'inhabitants' of this world they are mixture of mechanic entity, plant, & other. They will go about their mysterious forbidden rites & ignore anyone around them. If attacked they will be destroyed only to reform as a troll within 16 hours later.   They will seek retribution as well against the attacker
    File:Giger gitarren.jpg
Fabulous Treasures 
As strange & weird as this world is it does offer some incredible treasures. These will be of interest to any lurker after the forbidden. They do however have strings attached to them as well.
  1. Body Horror Weaponry - These strange body harnesses of weaponry sink into the person's skin & will evolve to their heart's desire. They will however corrupt anyone using them. A mutation check must be made when first activating them. Continued use of these items will result in them becoming a  part of the person's anatomy. There are far worse things that the dungeon master is encouraged to come up with. The dungeon master can use their favorite system for these. 4000 gold 
  2. Bioroid pleasure unit - These non sexual looking beings will adapt to the needs of its owner. However they will have their own ideas of pleasure which will be very alien to the owner. They have the look of certain types of beetles & insects as well. These units have been known to convert owners to other units as well. 50000 gold 
  3. Bio Mechanical Material - This is the perfect material adaptable, reusable, & fully bio-mechanical. The material will reproduce within  1d6 days by creating 1d20 x100 pounds of itself. It will also use flesh, bone, hair, etc as well. 40 to 40000 gold depending upon amount brought back 
  4. Oval Mirror - This mirror is actually a dimensional space enclosed within a drop of bio mechanical structure. It shows the forbidden spaces between planes where other horrors from forgotten & alternative pasts dwell. These horrors can see through as well & even move through the mirror. 5000 gold 
  5. Bio Mechanical Matrix - This computer like structure is actually the alien brain of one of the bio goddesses from the dimensional reality. This device is one of the fastest problems solving matrices in the universe but it is also one of the most evil. The thing will drain 1 level per round when used. The thing will accept sacrifices however. This is a priceless item. Each one is unique & deadly. It will have 1d3 psionic powers 
  6. Creation Matrix -  This bio mechanical chamber may imbue 1d3 mutations into an organism. The chamber must be sunk into a rich soil. It will draw what it  needs from the air, water, etc around it but corrupt these areas with Bio mechanical material. 30000 gold 
  7. Bio mechanical Baby Wall -  This is a wall of the bio mechanical babies. Each one will hold a magic user spell within its mind that can be cast by anyone. These creatures are tuned to the winds of chaos & magic allowing them to feed from these forces. Anyone can cast these spells. There will be 1d20 spells held within their minds. Each time the spells are cast the creatures will be hungry. A sacrifice must be made or they will cry  as a banshee 60000 gold 
  8. Knighted Holder - These strange amalgamation of flesh, bone, bio mechanical apparatus   are used for the forbidden rites of what passes for religion on this plane. They will add +2 to those who use them. They will cause 1d3 mutations however within the user after 3 uses. 4000 gold 
  9. Xeno Egg 6000 gold 
  10. Giger's Guitar - A vile instrument that plays forbidden tunes to dead gods who can no longer hear them. These instruments will give those who use them +2 to all charisma rolls when dealing with demons, devils, & mythos creatures. The guitars will try to leave a bit of biomechanical material within a 1 hit point wound & slowly turn the user's arm into another instrument in 1d3 days unless a saving throw its made. 800 gold

Now updating Gigerland is going to happen sooner then later on. I've got a number of resources at my fingertips these days including Monte Cooke's D20 Chaostech 
& Necrotic Gnome's The Complete Vivimancer greatly expands on vivimantic magic perfectly suited for the Gigerland universe. 

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