Thursday, December 17, 2015

Review and Commentary On Crawling Under A Broken Moon Issue #11 For Your DCC Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

So the boys over at the Crawling Under A Broken Moon are out with brand new post apocalyptic issue of the post apocalyptic fanzine that takes your Dungeon Crawl Classics  rpg out from the dungeon and into the ruins of the wasteland. This issue adds in a little something for everyone. Issue Eleven turns up the atomic limelight on clerics, new weaponry, mutants, feral children and more.

So this is a  fanzine for DCC that continues to kick ass and take names in the post apocalyptic wasteland. It operates in its own little semi flexible post apocalyptic campaign setting for Umerica. Here's what this issue features according to the PDF intro; "This issue we delve into; the clerics of 14 different Umerican faiths and the differences between them, a new class as a possible replacement for the Halfling for the weird world of Umerica, a slew of post-apocalyptic armor and weapons, new rules for buying really cheap equipment, another new class where you can get your sprite on, and finally an arachnid mercenary suitable to harass any band of wasteland wanderers."
Straight up this the clerical issue for Crawling Under A Broken Moon, the priests of the wasteland get that extra special glow and damn if its not a fine selection of material that will bring your priestly mutants and muarders a bit of that ultra violence from the spirit world.
Don't let the artwork fool you this is a tight little issue and I'll you straight up that I personally think that there is room in Umerica for both the traditional DCC Halfling and the Feral urchin racial class. The feral child is one part Peter pan Lost boy and two parts feral kid from the Mad Max movies. Its a weird class but it works on so many levels. I've always gotten the impression of trailer trash Halflings from the Crawling Under The Broken Moon setting. This addition is a fine one.
The post apocalyptic gear and relics are damn nice additions to the Crawling game world, they really are needed if your PC's are going to have a hope in hell of surviving in the wastes. These relics are damn cool and a fine addition to the ranks of the post apocalyptic wastes. You get everything from biker jackets to retreaded armor to protect your mutants vitals and more. There are several weapons inspired by the Fallout games, post apocalyptic literature and more. All in all a very tasty section on many levels and actually useful at the table. Add to this the cheap goods article which has rules for damaged goods, cheap fixes, and quick turn around with equipment all very risky at best and more then slightly dangerous at worst. This is a good addition to the ranks of the equipment.
Then there's one of my favorite classes in the whole damn issue, the hologram! This is a Tron 2010 inspired class with bits and pieces of the holographic characters from Star Trek as well as other sources but it works. It works very well indeed. There's everything here to actually play a hologram character right out of the gate. The artwork just sells it.

This PC class can cover everything from a game warrior to a doctor in the wastelands all fighting along side the other adventurers in the wastelands of Umerica. You could with a bit of work run an entire campaign based around the holograms and their struggles against mutants, dying technology, and the lost world of their main frame virtual reality worlds. This is a really solidly done class with potential to actually play campaign based around a PC concept.
Then we get a new breed of extra dimensional mutant monster race and the Scorpioniods are extra nasty, weird as hell, and highly dangerous.
Alright now I'm going to return to the article "Worship, Umerica style", because its that awesome gives some really much needed boast to the priests and clerics of Umerica. This article features fourteen wasteland deities and they are some of the nastiest pieces of spiritual energy to be birthed from the collective imaginations of man and mutant kind. Personal favorites include Elmo’s is a master manipulator,
hiding evil intent behind a pleasant smile and a friendly demeanor.

Nuka Mother of mutants and radiation as a blessing, she is a radioactive patroness of weird ways and strange proportions. Here priests gain special immunities to radiation and extra mutations. She's very fickle though and many of these deities can be very cool and dangerous at the same time. They have dark sides and natures to them. They're not things to be trifled with by the average person hence why clerics are so needed to act as a doorway and conduit between the mundane of the wastes and the hellish nature of the divine in Crawling Under A Broken Moon. They even included the Lords of Light which is worth the price of admission!

And the list goes on with so many weird and wonderful gods waiting to snag your wasteland priestly PC's! Yes that's right kids this is a DCC driven wasteland after all and so the gods require favors and it just might be a space ship. In the article By The Way deities can call in markers on their favorite priests whom they look at as a bit of an investment. This article goes a damn long way to providing the DM with some really well done hooks to get the cleric from out behind the podium into the irradiated wasteland and its done with clear reasons and common sense.
Look if your a DCC player who loves his clerics then this is an issue that your not going to want to miss, if your a DM who loves to screw with priests and clerics (like me) then this is an issue your not going to want to miss!
Do I think you should download this issue of Crawling Under a Broken Moon? If you haven't already then by all means go do so now for the love of the Atomic Lady grab this issue! They even have stats for Santa and Kizz as deities! Crawling Under a Broken Moon continues to impress and this issue is damn fine!

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