Saturday, December 5, 2015

Beasts Beyond The Sea - Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea Actual Play Event Part 1

I got together tonight with some friends, the game was put together very quickly. The players were playing mercenaries aboard the Andromeda, a ship out of the Brigand's Bay on a trader mission. They found themselves investigating a strange sight as an Earthquake thrust a piece of the Hyperborean sea floor up to the surface and the crew of the ship found themselves trapped by the tides and the  waters.

The game this evening was partially inspired by HP Lovecraft's short story Dagon.
"The sun was blazing down from a sky which seemed to me almost black in its cloudless cruelty; as though reflecting the inky marsh beneath my feet. As I crawled into the stranded boat I realised that only one theory could explain my position. Through some unprecedented volcanic upheaval, a portion of the ocean floor must have been thrown to the surface, exposing regions which for innumerable millions of years had lain hidden under unfathomable watery depths. So great was the extent of the new land which had risen beneath me, that I could not detect the faintest noise of the surging ocean, strain my ears as I might. Nor were there any sea-fowl to prey upon the dead things.
     For several hours I sat thinking or brooding in the boat, which lay upon its side and afforded a slight shade as the sun moved across the heavens. As the day progressed, the ground lost some of its stickiness, and seemed likely to dry sufficiently for travelling purposes in a short time. That night I slept but little, and the next day I made for myself a pack containing food and water, preparatory to an overland journey in search of the vanished sea and possible rescue.
     On the third morning I found the soil dry enough to walk upon with ease. The odour of the fish was maddening; but I was too much concerned with graver things to mind so slight an evil, and set out boldly for an unknown goal. All day I forged steadily westward, guided by a far-away hummock which rose higher than any other elevation on the rolling desert. That night I encamped, and on the following day still travelled toward the hummock, though that object seemed scarcely nearer than when I had first espied it. By the fourth evening I attained the base of the mound, which turned out to be much higher than it had appeared from a distance; an intervening valley setting it out in sharper relief from the general surface. Too weary to ascend, I slept in the shadow of the hill."

The PC's rowed out to to the sound of weird rushing and receeding waters and the stench of strange decaying fish that caused them almost to gag. But there we something in the air that seemed to draw them forward.

The players found themselves surrounded by a number of wrecked ships which greed got the better of them and they wished to explore these unique 'dungeon locations' and see what was aboard. There were three wrecks with many more as far as the eye could see. But in tonight's game the three were going to be the main focus. One of the player's charcters almost bought it as a giant eel got a hold of his arm and tried to drag him under but a carefully aimed magic missile took care of the problem. The PC's were greeted by the sight of a stone ship resting upon an outcropping and the sight of several giant whale like monsters stranded upon their backs. The sun and lack of water had already killed the monsters. The PC's are trying now to decide which wreck to explore or the stone ship itself.

Here's a quick 1d6 Random Encounter List for tonight's game

1d6 Beasts Beyond The Sea Random Encounter Table

  1. 1d4 Deep One Warriors armed with spears, slings, javelins and small shields, they are looking for food and trying to figure out what happened. They are more then willing to kill to secure food and protein for their brethren. 
  2. 1d8 Portuguese sailors totally confused as to how they ended up here, armed with black powder match locks and shot, they fight as 2nd level fighters. 
  3. Giant crabs searching for food and scavenging across this new feeding ground. 
  4. A 5th level black wizard of Cthulhu who has been awakened from his ancient Atlantian tomb and is looking for reasons for his disturbed sleep and victims to take his frustrations out on. He is armed with spells and curses. 
  5. Giant Fungal grey slime oozing out of its hiding place looking for victims and opportunities to feed. Very dangerous and with a nasty streak a mile wide. 
  6. Black Sea Bishop serving its black masters, this being is a 6th level black cleric of ancient gods. He will sacrifice anyone who stands in his way. 

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