Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Christmas Plane Hoping And Nazi A Go Go - OSR Actual Play Event - High Tech Mysticism & High Caliber Adventures Campaign

Here's a quick rundown of the pre Christmas game that the players are referring to as Christmas Plane Hoping And Nazi A Go Go!
The PC's were going through some of the objects that they had found in Asylum Q
and one of them happened to be a Crystal Egg and as the wizard began to play with it weird colored lights played marry havoc with their perceptions and they found themselves on the infinite time trails.  That wasn't a good thing as the party began the task of trying to navigate across the vast kaleidoscopic landscape of infinite dimensions. Here are some of the random pulpy encounters they ran into whist traveling  through the infinite dimensions.

It wasn't long before they ran into some old friends of theirs, a Nazi lich and his pack of undead cohorts were looking for other dimensions to plunder and the resulting combat took up a good portion of the evening as they battled from world to world. The party stuck with swords and magic to make up the difference between changing conditions where magick was infinitely dangerous but still usable. The lich escaped after prolonged fight but left them lost in the other dimensions face down his horde of zombie like horrors

WW II   Zombies 
Armor Class: 8(11),7(12) with Shield & Side Arm 
Hit dice:2 
Attack:Weapon, Strike, or Bite (1d6)
Special: Immune To Sleep, Charm 

Now the PC's are hopelessly lost among the planes and they're dealing with the fact that these bastards know that they're alive and will be actively hunting for them.

1d6 Random Other Dimensional Travelers Encounter Table
  1. An alien wizard on a mission from his god to capture specimens for his master's zoo. He is a 6th level black wizard of no small means on a rite of passage to prove his worthiness 
  2. Travelers who look exactly like you. You have accidentally happened upon the infinite path of repetition. You must fight and destroy your doppelgangers or be absorbed into their reality. 
  3. A Nazi lich and his undead bodyguards 3rd level fighters from a colony on the moon
  4. A dangerous sorcerer working for a vile villain in Blackmoor who needs sacrifices for his dragon god. 
  5. A party of other dimensional alien travelers who are on a mission to free their dimension from an alien tyrant 
  6. Alien caravan with trade goods laden for an other dimensional market place perhaps Interzone.

    This was one of the other monsters from just before Christmas's adventure and session.

    Chrura ari
    These other dimensional worms are found swimming and feeding between dimensions, these horrors feed upon the debris and jetsom of universes and timelines that have become extinct. They feed on flesh, memories, reality and anything that comes their way. They are dangerous monsters who have little to no fear with humans and human like races. These horrors can regenerate as trolls after three turns of seeming to be dead or destroyed.
    Armor Class:8
    Hit dice:2 
    Attack: Bite (1d6)
    Special: Regeneration As Trolls

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