Saturday, December 5, 2015

Beasts Beyond The Sea - Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea Actual Play Event Part II

The players tonight was very interesting, everything seemed to go smoothly and there was a pretty good opinion about tonight's game. The results seemed to really test the player's resolve when it came to dealing with a few random encounters as party of mercenaries went from to one wreck looking for weapons and artifacts. The stone ship made the PC's nervous and the wizard among them was very nervous having failed his saving throw to not vomit at least three times from the stench of rotted sea life and offal. He took this as a bad omen.

The PC's started across the shallows of this weird landscape toward the nearest nearest ship wreck; a strange ship from another timescape perhaps whipped into the local Hyperborean space continuum. The PC's fighters were very careful with swords drawn and ready. Their cleric and shaman back them up calling upon their gods. They were very careful and were hesitant almost to the point of bravery; they killed a giant eel that almost tore one of the fighter's arm's off.  They made their way to the nearest ship wreck; and they made their way over to the ship's rigging.

The ship wreck was caught on the shallows of the brackish mud and receding waters; one of the fighter's saw someone aboard the wreck. The thing looked like it was out on the sea for a few weeks. The party made their way aboard and heard the splash of someone over the side. Suddenly a giant eel leaped into their boat and the PC's went into the drink. One of the player's rolled a twenty and hacked off the thing's head!

They made their way aboard the wreck very quickly and the stench of dead flesh made its way into their nostrils. The party came across seven sailor's corpses on decks, they had been decaying for sometime.They had curious wounds on their corpses and their chests. They had blue black liquid leaking from their wounds, the party was very nervous waiting for the corpses to animate. Nothing happened at all. The party went from cabin to cabin and they found a little gold but a full hold of cargo. Spices and valuable fabrics worth about 10,000 gold pieces were aboard. The party was sure that they weren't alone. In the cargo hold the party faced down several giant spider lobster mutant horrors! The party retreated from these armored horrors and they decided to regroup.

The party went up on deck and grabbed a few clubs, iron ten foot poles, and a short bow with metal arrows. One of the monsters made its way up deck and the adventurers attacked the thing with a fury and they were able to kill the thing it after some rounds of combat. The mutant horrors were able to take quite a bit of punishment from the adventurers. These things claws were violent and very dangerous.
To be continued!

Here are six random cargo items from among the wreck.

1d6 Random Ship's Cargo Item Finds Table
  1. 800 gold pieces worth of valuable spices from the South Region of Hyperborea. They are firmly packed in dry barrels and specially treated with wax and oils. 
  2. 1d6 valuable steel tools for a carpenter or ship's engineer. There are 500 gold pieces worth and they are very serviceable. 
  3. 1d100 gold pieces in a packet from the ship's captain's payroll and they're randomly scattered about. 
  4. A +1 silver edged dagger with a family crest on the hilt of the dagger. The thing is worth about 300 gold pieces by itself. The thing is very well constructed and its a demon slaying blade. 
  5. A pack of very valuable silk fabrics, worth about 600 gold pieces. They were on their way to markets in Hyperborea. 
  6. A box of  six valuable ceramic vases, worth about 3000 gold pieces each. There are six pieces of artwork 

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