Sunday, December 27, 2015

Resolving Minor Issues With The Alpha Blue Rpg PDF by Venger Satanis

So apparently there's been a minor issue with the Alpha Blue Rpg  PDF by 
Venger Satanis and I was asked to pass some of this information along to my blog subscribers and those who backed the Alpha Blue Kickstarter.

Well, I was asked by Venger Satanis to pass the following information along about the Alpha Blue rpg pdf;"
Hey guys,
Glynn and I just noticed a few commas in some of the tables (after page 40, curiously) were dropped from the document.  Mysterious!  Glynn is getting to the bottom of it.  By my guess, there's probably 7 - 10 table entries without their commas.
What does this mean?  Glynn is going to create updated files, putting back the missing commas.  Updated PDFs will be available as soon as I have them.
Unfortunately, CreateSpace was extremely efficient in getting the books created.  I just got off the phone with them and they said production is over and they're waiting to be shipped.  
There are a few options available.  I'd like to order new books, once the update is completed.  Since it was caught and fixed early enough, that shouldn't push the delivery date too far past the January 12th date I was promised.  But I'll let you guys know when I know.  Maybe I'll include the missing comma books too that can be shared with players for character creation, highlighting, taking notes, etc.
More info coming tomorrow... also a little bonus surprise!"

Updates for this blog post; according to Monkey Blood Design and Venger:

"Files are all amended... just waiting on VS for feedback on a couple of things and I'll get files prepped immediately. Bloody commas!  Apologies for the slight delay folks." from MB Design and Venger has now approved the 'fixes" "I gave my feedback a couple hours ago, so the updated file should be imminent.  BTW, Glynn found a couple more things to fix.  Yay!"

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