Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Deadly Rivals, Strangers, & Power Steeped In Familial Blood - - Actual Pulp Era Campaign Event Seven

"The year is Nineteen Hundred & Four, the papers are alive with headlines screaming about the war between Russia  & Japan as the Battle of Yalu River! The British empire has taken heavy losses in Tibet as mysterious forces & weather events shut down a battle between British & Tibetan warriors. 
In the heart of New York City a desperate group of adventurers have derailed the kidnapping of  Pan America Pan Royal couple."

In last night's Renegade Heroes, Tyrannical Conquerors, & Wasteland Kings game things took a deadly familial turn!

The whole idea was to get the Count to safety and they arranged for him to stay at the Palace hotel in the heart of the city under an assumed name. No one & I mean no one knew family's where abouts. Then the party headed back to the New York fortress high rise of the family and found the place taken over by New York City army sky ships. The whole place was on lock down but the guards allowed the party to land on the upper level of the high rise.
Then the party noticed that certain guards & key members of the staff had been replaced. And this was when the party was introduced to Desmond Turck rival brother to the count along with his witch bodyguard Eliza
But it seems as though the PC's arrived in time to interrupt a coup from taking place. The PC's were able to cause a distraction just in time for the Count's Astral Drifter body guard & man servant to gate in his own party of guards to secure the facility. The clan guards had the  rival's guards dead to rights with their crystal & silver swords.
The Astral Drifters are a race of Githyanki stand ins & can be used  as a PC optional race. In my own campaign they're the mercenary body guards to the rich powerful who came into vogue after a series of skirmish battles with another alien race. They're from Dark Wizard Game's Monsters of Mayhem #1

The witch bodyguard Eliza Morgause teleported Desmond to a safe room deep in side the high rise.  While the party learned that Count Turck's company had been developing a far more efficient inter system engine from reversed engineered Martian technology for inter planetary exploration. Desmond was going to lose millions as his lucrative military contracts dried up. With the high rise fortress secured the party had lots of questions. There was also the matter of Desmond's foreys into the ruins of New Jersey which could be tied in with the Grey hive.

The new more efficient atomic rocket engine being developed by the

Turck rocket group.
Meanwhile the party went back to question the Count at the palace hotel & we're followed after making a series of highly successful dimensional jumps. The party  began to question if the Greys/Germans  are really responsible for the Count's kidnapping?!
Count Turck answered several questions about the fact that the kidnappers used electrical based technologies, strange alien force screens, & death ray technologies. None of these are used by the 'Martian Marauders' of the 1898 invasion or' the Visitors' or Greys. So whose behind Desmond? Only a visit to his Long Island manor/facility can provide answers!?
What is Desmond's secret facility deep in the wastelands of New Jersey and what does it have in common with original Dungeons & Dragons Monsters & Treasure book?!
Could this facility be connected with the secret work of
Guglielmo Marconi,[1] Nikola Tesla, Harry Grindell Matthews, Edwin R. Scott, and Graichen?

The pulp elements from Clark Ashton Smith Zothique series of stories were front & center tonight as the Astral Drifter's had elements of that world's more esoteric & dangerous occult practices tied in with the hints about the possible cult dedicated to one of the Outer Gods. That has  strongly hinted at with connections to the Grey's hive. But are the Visitors actually behind the throne of Desmond's latest coup?!
Barbarian Conquerors of Kanahu & several key old school resources were on display in tonight's game. The PC's are headed straight into the lion's den as they plump the depths of Desmond's Long Island manor/facility next week.

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