Sunday, May 6, 2018

Dangerous Duplicity & Dire Alien Menace - Actual Pulp Era Campaign Event Six

Among the wreckage of a Grey scout saucer the PC's discover a particularly valuable cargo. The whole site was coordinated & several alien engineer drone & minor robots were trying to repair the same scout saucer.

slice & dice stripper & salvage  ships from last night's game

Our adventurer's salvager called in his patron's slice & dice stripper ship. The ship stripped down the scout saucer after our salvager shut down the crystal reactor & the internal battery of the cryo tube.

So in last night's
Renegade Heroes, Tyrannical Conquerors, & Wasteland Kings game the  Players wrapped up the rescuing the PanAmerican Count & Countess  Turck along with their daughter Samantha. 
The count had been replaced by a  German  agent/assassin wearing a "doppelganger mask ". A doppelganger mask is from ruins of ancient Venus created by the Greys to infiltrate primitive societies. The mask is made from the living tissues of doppelgangers & allows its owner to change their shape three times per day. The owner must be within twenty feet of the target to be mimicked. The wearer is able to lightly  telepathically read  the targets deepest manners, minor daily routines, etc. The owner can pass for the victim for 1d10 months but eventually the owner's individuality will rise to the surface.

The count was suffering with the effects of cryotube sickness & was attended to by the party's doctor/cleric. The blindness soon passed but the party also recovered certain documents that hinted at the location of a Grey hive near Grover's Mills New Jeresy.There's also a possible cult dedicated to one of the Outer Gods up there strongly hinted at with connections to the Grey's hive. These areas are strongly steeped in some of the heaviest battle fields & wastelands with connections to the Martian invasion of 1898.
For the various minor mutated monsters & menaces I'm turning to the resources of the 1st edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manual coupled with the Fiend Folio.

The pulp elements from Clark Ashton Smith Zothique series of stories were hinted at when I pulled some of the more esoteric elements of  Barbarian Conquerors of Kanahu & several key old school resources. In next week's game the party is going to have to return the count & deal with the aftermath of the Grey's duplicity.

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