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Atlantandria Port City To The Stars Phase II - OSR Setting Commentary

"It seems to me that I have lived alone—
Alone, as one that liveth in a dream:
As light on coldest marble, or the gleam
Of moons eternal on a land of stone,
The days have been to me. I have but known
The silence of Thulean lands extreme—
A silence all-attending and supreme
As is the sea's enormous monotone.
Upon the waste no palmed mirages are,
But strange chimeras roam the steely light,
And cold parhelia hang on hilt and scaur
Where flowers of frost alone have bloomed. . . . I crave
The friendly clasp of finite arms, to save
My spirit from the ravening Infinite."
Desolation  (1922)
by Clark Ashton Smith

Across the vastness of the many shadowed worlds there is a former glory of
Atlantandria Port City To The Stars. Between the sinking of Atlantis and the time when mankind reach for the stars there existed Atlantandria Port City to the stars. Atlantandria is a place where super science & magick co exist in an uneasy truce because it has seen the fall of mankind's greatest follies while reaching for the stars. A place whose skies and sea rest with the gleam of space craft. And a place whose ports are crammed with the wares from worlds the likes of mankind has not seen on earth since the time of when the oceans drank Lemuria, Mu, &  fabled Atlantis.

The city is built quite literally on the bones of the Old Atlantis colony city itself; its remains lay beneath its streets, a twisting maze  of strange catacombs, ancient dungeons, and worse lay just below the gleaming city streets. While out in the deserts Elven slavers on their magnetic relic cities ply the sands in search of slaves for sacrifice to their pagan heathen gods!

"For there are worlds beyond worlds, as Kull knows, and whether the wizard bewitched him by words or by mesmerism, vistas did open to the king’s gaze beyond that strange door."
Robert Howard 
"The Mirrors of Tuzun Thune" 

The wares of a million worlds are traded here and the seas are alight with the sails from ancient and decedent kingdoms. The power of trade is only now reestablishing itself as tribesmen still wield the relic armor and energy weapons of Mu and Lemuria.
Long guns are common among the tribes of the wastelands and mutants, monsters, and worse roam there. Ancient Atlantian battle machines still prowl these places, some only a few hundred miles from the city itself. In the ancient jungles the degenerate remains of a thousand cults & mystery religions have filtered themselves into a wide array of man eating monsters & mutants! These sometimes trade or kill but the alien lizard men are far more human.

 The ancient Valleys of the God Kings are filled with thousands of ruined cities, alien weapons, & the forgotten treasures of when men walked & traded with gods & much worse.
When Atlantis sank beneath the waves there were many ruins left within the wastelands. An entire country full of the ancient remains of this once spectacular ruler of not only this world but the once might colony worlds of Mars and Venus as well.But now only the jade lined ruins and gleaming stone works remain above ground.Below are mazes of corridors, dungeons of horror, and far more.These wastelands are the home to roving tribes of barbarians, desert dwellers, and inhuman monsters.

The wastelands of the god kings is the home to numerous ancient pyramids, ruins, and far worse wonders for time itself is broken in these places and many strange things come through the once stable gateways.

The Valleys of the God Kings are places of mystery where tribes of huldra ("hidden being") lead a nomadic life as Lovecraftian demons & horrors harvest & plot their subject's destinies. Heroes rise up grabbing artifact weapons & magic swords to save their pieces from the inhuman appetites of their people's 'masters'.
Hundreds of wizards rule these desert domains and ancient ruined palaces, doorways to a thousand universes open and close with the spinning of the stars. Ancient cults to Lovecraftian entities wander its trails and knights do battle with beings from beyond time and space in the shadow of wrecked space craft. 

From across the wastelands ancient alien traders and mutant adventurers travel with barbarian warriors and knights of old. Atlantandria Port City To The Stars wares leak onto Earth carried by alien traders, black wizards, & jaded royals. The alien technologies & artifacts have been the starting point for a million costumed adventurers & heroes on Earth who save the day!

Atlantandria Port City To The Stars is reborn! My ancient campaign setting  of super science, strange adventure, & sorcery gone wrong is back as part of my on going games! The decision came after a chance encounter with a reader who took issue  with my using & adapting  Troll Lord Games Amazing Adventures! rpg with several classic Dungeons & Dragons TSR adventure modules. 

Well guess what I'm going to be using these adventures with
Atlantandria Port City To The Stars especially ACK's  Barbarian Conquerors of Kanahu & Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea second edition

 The Greys & the Martian Marauders of HG Wells War of the Worlds book assumes the upper strata of 
Atlantandria Port City To The Stars alien technologies in this setting. These
races have a vestige interest in this alien world & routinely set down bases & other operations there.

Atlantandria Port City To The Stars is a type four market of alien wares & other wonders. The vassal states around the city are type three & two out in the wastelands respectively.
Since this is a test bed setting I'm going to be publishing a wide range of articles & material to support it! So stay tuned!

Atlantandria Port City To The Stars is a part of the
Renegade Heroes, Tyrannical Conquerors, & Wasteland Kings game!
Atlantandria Port City To The Stars is copyrighted & trade marketed to Eric Fabiaschi's  Dark Corner Productions . All artwork used in the blog entries are public domain. All rpg's discussed in today's blog entry are trademarked & copyrighted to their respective holders. This blog entry is not an attempt to violate the trademarks or copyrights of these rpg systems.

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