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1d10 Random Swords of The Ancient & Violent Ones For Your Old School Campaigns

Ahimelech Giving the Sword of Goliath to David By
Aert de Gelder  (1645–1727)

The fire-eyed maid of smoky war
All hot and bleeding will we offer them.
William Shakespeare,Henry IV, Part I (c. 1597)
Act IV, scene 1, line 114.

Swords have a power & legacy beyond the violence that they are often employed. They are a part of the souls of their owners. The blood & violence that coats them sometimes imbues them with far greater energies then were ever intended for their shiny blades. The supernatural or occult  power of the acts of their owners often make them forever! They are passed from hand to hand & person to person on a journey throughout eternity.

Zrínyi's Charge on the Turks from the Fortress of Szigetvár

By Simon Hollósy  (1857–1918) 

Each of these blades is +1 impregnated by the acts of depravity & violence that they have done. There is a 20% chance of a demon or other ancient essence of evil having taken up residence within the blade. Make no mistake these blades have seen & been marked by their course in history. They are not instruments of war & violence to be trifled with.

1d10 Random  Swords of The Ancient & Violent Ones

  1. Vetrsra The Ripper of Wombs - This sword carries with it the blood of a thousand victims & the souls of its victims ripple in the blade's length in certain lights. The blade occasionally drips blood or sweats tears of its victims. Every new moon it will balance & point its way to a treasure or minor artifact. 
  2. Rtea The Reaper of Men - This blade has a handle of bone & ivory made from the spine of an innocent man. The blade cuts the cords of the soul to the afterlife and it can point to the nearest entrance to the underworld.  
  3. Brus the Mirror - This blade has been fashioned from the metals left after a battle field has been stripped of most of the debris of war. The sword marks its owner with quick 1 point wound. The blade hungers for the blood of warriors & will lead its owner to a dungeon scene where it can slay monsters & adventurers alike. It will twist its owner's reflection in certain lights into a monstrous form perhaps his or her future self.
  4.  Trisus's Razor - This blade has been hand crafted as the highest example of a sword maker's art and was used in twelve campaigns by one family of minor royals. The blade was turned into a weapon of murder & since then it now hungers for the blood of murderers & mad men. The blade can slice through spells & weird magicks as its power flows from the soul of those it has killed. Once per day this blade can slice through 1d6 spells of power. 
  5. 43:5 is named from an unknown verse in the Christian Bible & has as it hilt the pages of twelve Bibles of the town of Trell. The town was plagued by undead horrors & this sword took the heads of the undead & the necromancers who summoned them. But the blade slayed the priest who wielded her. She now sings with the power of his tragic soul. For his truest love lived in the town & he had to put her to eternal rest. The blade has a 20% chance of doing a decapitation on a critical roll.  Each new moon there is a 10% chance she can banish a minor undead horror.
  6.  Betty - This blade has been fashioned from Detroit steel & was used to slay a minor demon lord. The blade was lost too history as it was flung into a time warp. The blade drips demonic ichor when a monster of the Outer Hells is nearby. It loves to slay monsters and cultists of the darkest stripe. 
  7. Brsru Rue - This sword was made from the remains of a steel mirror that was used as an entrance to the underworld. The necromancer who used it was slain by cracking the mirror in two. His soul is trapped within it but now is used to slay murderers & outlaws. The sword loves to hunt the souls of the wicked & feeds on them for eons. Once per new moon it will give its owner visions of violent & horrid crimes being carried out within a 6 mile radius. The sword will point the way to the guilty. 
  8.  The White Blade - Made by the last dying remains of a long lost people this blade  contains their frustration & anger over their unnecessary deaths. The blade is used to deal violence to those that would violate the lives of the lost & dead. Each time the blade is unsheathed it will shine with a white hot light capable of dealing 1d6 points of damage to those within 15 feet of the blade. In addition the owner will speak in the tongues of several lost tribes now extinct. He or she will seek out their works. 
  9. Ugg's Folly - This blade once belonged to the family Ugg, a group of traveling jesters & performers. The sword can dance once per day but seeks the murderers of its former owners. A cult of child killers & madmen who use the moonless nights to travel from place to place & world to world murdering wantonly. 
  10. Simon's Slayer - This blade once belonged to the sell sword Simon L & it is rumored contains his soul. The sword hungers for adventure & can point the way to any dungeon but the sword must each fort night be blooded by an innocent. This is not a killing blow but a simple drop of blood. The sword also hates all servants of Chaos & the owner may 20% chance fly into a berserk rage gaining +3 against all who serve Chaos. 

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