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1d6 Random Shadow Stained Other Worldly Weapons of War For Your Old School Campaigns

It was great pity, so it was,
That villanous saltpetre should be digg'd
Out of the bowels of the harmless earth,
Which many a good tall fellow had destroy'd
So cowardly; and but for these vile guns
He would himself have been a soldier.
Act I, scene 3, line 59.

Do not pick up that lonely & forgotten weapon from that vault for you don't know where it has been or who hath wielded it.

In long forgotten hallways & time haunted places that have been forgotten by man. There are weapons of warriors & outlaws long passed. These weapons await new masters but have the touch of long forgotten conflicts etched on them. They yearn for the action & blood of new owners. They have passed from shadow to shadow of Earth's past, present, & perhaps the darkest of  futures.

These weapon's minor names & enchantments have long since passed into the lowest of ethers returning to their dead demonic & god like masters. But these weapons have hungers that can not be satisfied by mere storage in some dusty & remote corner of the other dimensional realms.
Each of these weapons will bond with its user on a successful Wisdom roll. The wielder & owner's mind will be flooded with visions of shadows of what was, echoes of distant events swathed in blood, thunder, & perhaps some grain of wisdom that might save their party. These weapons gain a +1 on their damage because of their eagerness in violence.

Because they've been partially in the other dimensional shadows they are often subject to all kinds of weird energies.  These weapons often have a random weird trait grafted onto them taking the place of their ancient names.

1d8 Random Weird Weapons Trait Table
  1. glows green in the presence of the undead, but will turn blue in the presence of black magick with a twenty foot effect. 
  2. The weapon draws & drinks the gore of its victims doing an extra 3 points of damage. The blade's metal absorbs the bloody mess gaining a bloated reddish luster. 
  3. Weird lights play from the blade when drawn or attacking causing confusion in the enemy as per the spells effects. 
  4. The weapon howls causing fear in lesser hit dice creatures who must save or flee the area as per the spell. 
  5. An ancient name of power appears on the blade when blood is spilled on it. The name acts as a power word stun effect! 
  6. Those who gaze on the weapon despair & are filled with a lust for their own deaths. They can do nothing for 1d4 rounds as the blackest of thoughts & dreams fills their souls. 
  7. The weapon summons 1d4 hungry ghosts of its past who will attack the target and consume its soul. They may 5% chance attack the owner of the weapon unless a wisdom check is made. The will of the owner baying them into submission.
  8.  Sands of Time - The weapon ages its target by 1d1000 years on a successful hit but the power is fickle and can only be used once a day. 
Theses weapons have warped & strange personalities that they pick up over the centuries from the countless hands of owners. The weapons are not sentient per say but fickle & strange in their own traits of the shadows from which they come. They may give the owner a problem or hint of something vital with shove or push in a certain direction if they will it.

1d6 Random Shadow Stained Other
Worldly Weapons of War Table

  1. Vrrus The Crossbow - This crossbow has a string made from the hair of a nymph the weapon can strike a demon or otherworld creature without penalty. The crossbow has seen action in a variety of wars and there are thirty two notches along its length. Each notch is a conflict by running your hands over the notches you may gain an insight into a coming conflict. The weapon hates demons on sight however and may 2% chance fire at one on its own. 
  2. The daggers of Serusos Sha - This brace of sixteen throwing daggers were owned by the insect man pirate Serusos Sha & point the way to any near by gold. But they also can also pierce the shadow of a mankind and hold him or her fast like a hold person spell. The daggers have other abilities but these are undiscovered 
  3. Shadow Vine - This weapon still has its name but its other powers have faded. The weapon can once per day act as a holy symbol even in the hands of a fighter and it loathes vampires decapitating them whenever possible. It also remembers past owners and bleeds sweet blood to lure a vampire to its owner. 
  4. An Wra The Ax of Life - This war ax doesn't remember its owner & its personality is long since gone but the weapon can attack with a vengeance & slice through any magical bonds. The thing hates black wizards & necromancers with a reckoning. It gains a +2 against all such vile practitioners.
  5. Trident of the Long Forgotten Sea - This weapon is able to summon a thunder clap once a day & is +1 against any mummies. The trident is of long forgotten sea god & can allow the owner to breath under water as per the spell.  It may have other abilities that are sleeping within its enchanted length. 
  6. Srsus The Spear - This war spear can cut through the spells of deception with easy. This spear once belonged to a demi god of war & it has its rage inside it once per day the owner may berserk for 4 rounds gaining +2 on all attacks with this weapon. 

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