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1d10 Random Lost Treasures & Artifacts of the Dames Blanches Table For Your Old School Sword & Sorcery Campaigns

We should profane the service of the dead,
To sing a requiem and such rest to her
As to peace-parted souls.
Act V, scene 1, line 259.
William Shakespeare
Hamlet (1600-02)

In the coldest frozen alien Hell shadows in t
he Outer Darkness are the marrow eaten remains of the servants of the Old Ones. Gods whose time has passed on. In some wizard's quarters they are known as Juffers or Joffers ("ladies"). These monsters are seldom spoken of for it is considered an ill omen. The
Wittewijven are all that remains of the witch servants of dead gods passed on into the Eternal Night of the Outer Darkness. Their reflections can be seen in the abandoned & empty Hells & Underworlds of their god worm eaten masters & mistresses.

Under the influence of the triple moons of the deserts & the winds of the Beyond these horrors have all of the abilities of a Hag.
Three times per day it can detect chaos, detect evil, detect good, detect law, detect magic, magic missile, ray of enfeeblement, & cast sleep as per the spell 9th level. This monster of chaos has all of the standard immunities of undead including immunity to fire, cold, charm, sleep, and fear, plus spell resistance. At will the Wittewijven can use etherealness at will (caster level 16th) abilities as it hunts the souls of the living to feast on. They often use treasures or artifacts of past victims to lure fools & adventurers to their doom.

This monster can summon 1d30 cats, owls, or 1d10 imps to torment her targets but this is a last ditch effort to corner her prey often within the wrecks or remains of space craft. The Wittewijven can appear anywhere that a cult or former temple of the Old Ones meet or stood. These white ladies are often consulted by kings, beggars, & fools alike for prophectic riddles. Once per day a white lady may dip into the death dreams of the Old Ones to make prophecy of fate & destiny. These statements are twisted & mired in allegory & illusions of fate.

1d20 Random Lost Treasures &
Artifacts of the Dames Blanches Table

  1.  A goblet of alien design that will detect poison twice a day worth 600 gold pieces to certain esoteric collectors. 
  2. Jeweled alien hand made of crystal that can create weird illusions that act as a symbol of insanity once per day. Some think that these artifacts bring enlightenment. Worth 500 gold pieces 
  3.   Pipe of the Devil - This strangely carved pipe with the head of devil or demon can create strange smoke covered visions that will act as a charm spell once per day. The pipe is of incredible workmanship & worth 300 gold pieces
  4. A golden collar made for a large monster of incredible strength. The gold is Hell's gold and created with steel & gold from the elemental planes. Worth only 200 gold because a signal echoes from the thing to its demonic masters. 
  5. A fist sized gem of 'sight beyond other seeing' allows the owner to see through all illusions & weaknesses including true loves. The owner must make a save vs wands or break down into fits of depression for 1d10 days over the true state of humanity and their place in the cosmos. Worth 1000 gold pieces 
  6. Power crystal for an alien war machine worth 300 gold pieces but will power a alien battle ship of the correct type. Golden yellow green in color and it smells of rancid pickles. 
  7. Golden Devil's Spine - Fossilized spine of a iron devil that allows the owner to cast two levels higher but the spine has alien collector who wants this item. He or she or is it will stop at nothing to get it. Worth 5000 gold pieces if you live to collect it. The golden devil however is also looking for his spine back as well. 
  8. Jewelry from the stomach of the god of gluttony- A  mish mash of 400 piece brick of ancient jewelry that has been devoured by a god of gluttony  worth 2000 gold pieces to a wizard. The thing glows with a magical aura but the smell comes through every 30 days engulfing everything in the scent of raw god sewage. 
  9. Mini Chest Of La - This chest allows the owner to store a mansion in its tiny confines astrally for 1d20 days. The chest is worth 6000 gold pieces because it contains the lost remains of two kings of the ancient days. But the incantations to release their fortunes are only known to two wizards now among the underworld. 
  10.   The golden circlet of Zo - This piece is made from the hair of three goddesses and allows the owner to cross into the triple heavens of Zo. The owner may consult the healers of Zo for matters of medicine & healing for up to two hours or have them cast a cure heavy wounds spell. The healers of Zo are alien & very fickle so they may also experiment on the owner if they are not properly compensated for their time. Worth 4000 gold pieces to the right collector or cult.

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