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New Lovecraftian Horror - N'rsae Worm Zomvies For Your Old School Campaigns

The next night devils danced on the roofs of Arkham, and unnatural madness howled in the wind. Through the fevered town had crept a curse which some said was greater than the plague, and which some whispered was the embodied daemon-soul of the plague itself. Eight houses were entered by a nameless thing which strewed red death in its wake—in all, seventeen maimed and shapeless remnants of bodies were left behind by the voiceless, sadistic monster that crept abroad. A few persons had half seen it in the dark, and said it was white and like a malformed ape or anthropomorphic fiend. It had not left behind quite all that it had attacked, for sometimes it had been hungry. The number it had killed was fourteen; three of the bodies had been in stricken homes and had not been alive.
Herbert West: Reanimator by H.P. Lovecraft

Newly exported into New York City just in time for the coming year the 'N'rsae worms' were found to be living within the embryonic cells of an almost prehistoric reptile from the unexplored jungles of
Guyana. The 'N'rsae worms' have been used for centuries by the native necromancers & witch doctors as short cut to animate the newly dead into a pliable & convenient disposable native workforce.
Exported by cultists of certain necromatic gods & necrotic demons these worms have begun to appear within the temporary black magick markets that litter some of the neighborhoods around the old Martian Invasion sites.

For some reason these markets always occur where the power batteries that the Martian used. These worms respond to certain frequencies of Etheric waves in the Zeta spectrum. This indicates an unearthly origin for these species and there is speculation of these creatures being parasites of certain mid tier Outer Dark creatures. Cultists, witch doctors, & even necromancers will expose a fresh corpse to a worm in a quick short cut to animate the horror. This happens within 1d6 rounds after the introduction of a worm to the corpse.
The 'N'rsae worms' once they reach maturity are kept in a brine of rotted animal flesh & Lovcraftian essential salts. Each twelve inch long worm will eat its way into the flesh of a newly dead corpse, the fresher the better within 1d6 rounds. It will eat its way into the brain pan of the corpse where it will attach itself to the brain stem of the creature with artificially grown neurons.It  pulse the corpse back to a semblance of life by using weird radiations generated as life giving micro pulses.
Each zomvie created by the 'N'rsae worms' are far stronger then a normal man as the weird radiations that animate the corpse also flood the muscle system & Adrenalin glands producing a strong, tireless, yet  enthusiastic worker. These creatures are highly pliable to suggestions & orders but can become easily confused requiring prompting & near constant management.
N'rsae worm zomvies are also flesh cravers & eaters requiring raw human or animal flesh in short succession to keep the animated engines running in top form. The N'rsae worm zomvies has all of the usual undead immunities & is completely immune to all mind effecting spells.
N'rsae worm zomvies are almost always drawn to so called 'sink holes' of evil where the astral energies of violence & depravity are richest.

N'rsae worm zomvies can become highly aggressive as the worm divides & rapidly multiplies within the corpse's stomach until more worms are ready to burst forth. Many times these creatures are 'harvested' by necromancers of the lowest orders who have been trained in this job. Often if the zomvies are confronted & combated during their 'mature phase' there is a 70% chance of the stomach of the monsters erupting in a spray of 1d20 worms covering their victim in a shower of glowing eldritch gore & foul smelling liquids. Victims must vs poison or begin wrenching & vomiting from the awful spectacle.
Some of the immature worms are harvested from the muscle & other broader tissues of the human body through careful incisions & rude cuts in certain muscle groups. These immature worms are used to trade with certain types of hags & witches for unnameable favors & rites.

N'rsae worm zomvies are highly dangerous as they mature because these creatures begin to produce high concentrations of Zeta radiation in certain glands in the worms gut. This is long after the worms have threaded their way through their corpse's spinal system. After 1d10 months within the corpse the worm three times per day is able to admit a zeta ray glow to all within 20 feet doing 1d8 points of magical damage to the victim. The victim must save vs disease or there is 80% chance of the victim developing a terrible wasting disease. They will die within 1d6 days after exposure to these zeta rays.
N'rsae worm zomvies will also bite for 1d3 points of damage & their saliva contains the zeta ray contaminated virus that can cause a save vs disease wasting disease that will kill its victim within 1d6 days. Most of the time N'rsae worm zomvies pummel their foes for 1d8 points of damage from their bony fists.
N'rsae Worm Zomvies Number appearing:1d4
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Size: M
Movement: 30
Dexterity: 4 

Hit Dice: 3 
Attack Rate: 1/1 pummel, bite, or zeta glow Damage: 1d8, 1d3, or special 
Saving Throw:15 
Morale : 12 
Experience: 100 
Treasure type: K,L,M
N'rsae worm zomvies are often found with small hordes of silver bars which are used to 'bleed' off the zeta radiation. The silver turns a slightly discolored blue greenish colour but this can easily be cleaned off. N'rsae worms can easily be summoned using a special variant of the standard four level black magick spell Call Worms. There will be 1d10 worms coming through mirco planar portals from the decayed skin of the rotting flesh of undead Outer Gods & Lovecraftian demons.

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