Sunday, April 15, 2018

Down & Out In The Rotten Apple - Actual Pulp Era Campaign Event

So last night I got the party gated into what appeared to be a darkened crypt someplace in a dungeon. In actuality it was a giant roach farm being used by a husband & wife team of NPCs in an abandoned family crypt in New York City 1904. The party was caught by the NPC's & immediately taken to meet the Gecko men family's royal masters.
High above the hi rise building a mysterious air ship appeared gated in by a cobbled together dimensional device. Crews made ready for the ship to land on the large air ship pad on one side of the building as if they were expecting it?! The party was trailing the other device that had been activated last game. After a hasty exchange & lower of weapons with a miss understanding as to who & where the party had  come from ?! The air ship pad crew figured out that these were not the regularly scheduled air ship traders from Africa but someplace a lot further away. The Count & Countess Jefferson Turck had made their family fortunes in deep planar exploration & elemental planar mining. The other dimensional travelers were unexpected but not that surprising to them.

The party's wizard began to noise around the high rise & he came upon a doctor giving a child a blood transfusion. Being both an entertainer & a wizard the family asked if he could preform the little girl to cheer her up. Th party's wizard made way for a quick song from the bard whose actually a great healer.The doctor caught the bard up on what was going on.Three days ago the daughter of the Count & Countess Jefferson Turek was exposed to a green glowing stone statue & immediately a strange wasting disease took the child.


 The player's bard had seen this sort of condition before especially after I ran the party through Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea second edition's Ghost Ship of the Desert Dunes

The child's condition required a major healing from the bard & the party's wizard but the dice were very favorable & the family's daughter pulled through. There was a recent Pan American expedition into the depths of Diamond Desert on Hyperborea. There were deaths involved & worse. The statue was in special lead lined case & seemed to call to the Samantha Turck. After the healing the party was given rooms for the night & that's where we ended for the moment.
I was able to design almost all of the adventure elements to order to get the party quickly involved in the world of Pan America from the ground up to order. People seem to think that Adventurer, Conqueror, King's retro clone system is a thing unto itself. But its not, these two books have shown me that this role playing system can add variations & shades to existing OSR systems. I wish I had these two books a year or so ago because I'm going to be revamping existing campaign projects on the fly.
With less then 12 hours remaining in The Beasts & Cannibals Kickstarter remaining I can all ready see these adventures being adapted to the alternative Earth Pulp era Earth. Go and support it because I definitely see these adventures being worth your time & money.

Artwork by Jason

Pulling from the Lion & Dragon & Dark Albion retroclone & campaign settings I've already put together a minor demon & its cult for the party to tangle with. I'll explain how all of this fits in with my musings on original Dungeons & Dragons tomorrow.

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