Thursday, April 19, 2018

Review Battle Star Trilogy: Trek Wars By Venger Satanis For The Alpha Blue Rpg System

So this might be Venger Satanis's last run down the old space brothel ways of the Alpha Blue rpg according to the intro into Battle Star Trilogy: Trek Wars.
I'm really sorry to see this development. The OSR needs more independent designers. But what is   Battle Star Trilogy: Trek Wars?
"Three sleazy scenarios for the Alpha Blue RPG. Plus, a huge, color map of the Ta'andor Galaxy with die-drop event/encounter tables."
This book  clocks in at seventy six pages of rules, four sleazy scenarios, a fantastic

color map of the Ta'andor Galaxy by Glynn Seal of Monkey Blood Design.

All of the sleazy adventures center around the space brothel Alpha Blue with lots & lots of random tables from cosmic orgasms to full blown encounters. This is not a game supplement to take seriously at all, the level of humor is that of perv R rated space sex comedies from  back in the Eighties. The sort of Up All Night space romp movies that used to be on late night cable & this book plugs right into that.
The text, layout, etc is all up to the usual 
Kort'thalis Publishing standards. The artwork is good for the product & portrays the sleazy vibe that Venger is going for. If your not into the type of space opera comedy that Venger does then this book isn't for you.

Could Battle Star Trilogy: Trek Wars be used for other OSR space opera style games? In a word yes if the players don't take their role playing seriously. The scenarios are clever & sophomoric in their content but the adventure ideas have some great potential for a space based campaign. There's some great rules & ideas if your an Alpha Blue dungeon master.

Battle Star Trilogy: Trek Wars plays out as it should a sleazy & well written groupings of rules & adventures for the Alpha Blue rpg system. The  Battle Star Trilogy: Trek Wars 

book is solidly done for the Alpha Blue rpg system & it would take quite a bit of shoe horning to get it to work with other OSR systems. Is Battle Star Trilogy: Trek Wars well done? Yes but is it for everyone? No unless their looking for the sort of space sleaze that  Battle Star Trilogy: Trek Wars is offering. 
Battle Star Trilogy: Trek Wars Is Available Right Here

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