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Hidden Blood & Damnation With B3 Palace of The Silver Princess By Tom Moldvay and Jean Wells

Are hidden agents of Chaos manipulating the crown heads of Pan America? Are far more going on in the hidden alleys of New York & can it be traced back to back water areas of Europe?! What does this have to do with the blood lines of King Arthur & a TSR classic? Quite a bit actually.

The upper strata of  European & American society has for centuries been the play ground of the Le Fay line of women. Why because there isn't just one Morgan Le Fey but many.There are many daughters in the Le Fey line especially when we get into the 13th-century Old French romances of the Lancelot-Grail (the Vulgate Cycle) & some of the early Arthurian works. Yes all of this ties back into my earlier history of this alternative Earth from back in February of 2018. And the still on going bits of that campaign.

How Mordred was Slain by Arthur, and How by Him Arthur was Hurt to the Death by Arthur Rackham (1917)

The the Lancelot-Grail (the Vulgate Cycle) picks up with two very important books;
"The Estoire del Saint Grail (The History of the Holy Grail), about Joseph of Arimathea and his son Josephus bringing the Grail to Britain (mostly derived from Robert de Boron)." And "The Mort Artu (Death of Arthur), about the king's death at the hands of Mordred and the collapse of the kingdom."
Arthur's son Modred is the key here allowing the bloodlines of Pendragon's  Chaos tainted blood to filter down through the royal houses of Europe into the present day of 1904-5. The rest of his half brothers heirs also have their own
"In earlier literature, he was considered the legitimate son of Morgause, also known as Anna, with her husband King Lot of Orkney. His brothers or half-brothers are Gawain, Agravain, Gaheris, and Gareth."

So this gives the dungeon master at least four possible familial bloodlines for PC's to choose from when creating royal characters! Buts its the NPC mother whose really one of the manipulators behind the scenes here.
"Morgause /mɔːrˈɡz/, also known as Morgawse and other spellings and names, is a character in later Arthurian traditions. In Thomas Malory's 15th-century text Le Morte d'Arthur, she is the mother of Gawain and Mordred, both key players in the story of King Arthur and his downfall. Mordred is the offspring of Arthur's inadvertent incest with Morgause, the king's estranged half-sister.[Notes 1] She is also a sister of Morgan le Fay and the wife of King Lot of Orkney, as well as the mother of Gareth, Agravain, and Gaheris."

Morgan le Fay has centuries ago put her lot in with the Elves during the Thirty Years War. Now with WWI looming the family puts its power behind a very different set of powers. Morgause has a far darker & much more ambitious nature & we find out much more about her from Thomas Malory's 1485 compilation of Arthurian legends Le Morte d'Arthur,

"Her character is fully developed in Thomas Malory's 1485 compilation of Arthurian legends Le Morte d'Arthur, in which Morgause (Margawse) is one of three daughters born to Gorlois of Tintagel, Duke of Cornwall, and the Lady Igraine. According to Malory, her mother is widowed and then remarried to Uther Pendragon, after which she and her sisters, Elaine and Morgan ("le Fay", later the mother of Ywain), are married off to allies or vassals of their stepfather. Morgause is wed to the Orcadian King Lot and bears him four sons, all of whom go on to serve Arthur as Knights of the Round Table: Gawain, one of his greatest knights; Agravain, a wretched and twisted traitor; Gaheris; and Gareth, a gentle and loving knight.
Years later, her spouse joins the failed rebellions against Arthur that follow in the wake of King Uther's death and the subsequent coronation of his heir. Shortly after her husband's defeat, Morgause visits the young King Arthur in his bedchamber, ignorant of their familial relationship, and they conceive Mordred. Her husband, who has unsuspectingly raised Mordred as his own son, is slain in battle by King Pellinore. Her sons depart their father's court to take service at Camelot, where Gawain and Gaheris avenge Lot's death by killing Pellinore, thereby launching a blood feud between the two families.
Nevertheless, Morgause has an affair with Sir Lamorak, a son of Pellinore and one of Arthur's best knights. Her son Gaheris discovers them in flagrante and swiftly beheads Morgause in bed, but spares her unarmed lover. Gaheris is consequently banished from court (though he reappears later in the narrative)."

After she was beheaded Morgause didn't die, she quickly & easily contacted the powers of Hell & cut a deal with a circle of Hags. Since then she's been building power bases behind the scenes through "spiritualism" circles & secret societies throughout Europe. Since then there's been an on going 'slow war' over the centuries between Morgause & Morgan Le Fey's family. This sisterly spat has moved & counter moved warriors, knights, & adventurers in a deadly game through the centuries.
B3 Palace of the Silver Princess still exists held locked in stasis in the chaos laden tides of the unreality of Fairyland. Its treasures, artifacts, etc. drawn back to it on the tides of magick & weirdness.

So once again the prize of B3 is being dangled in front of the noses of occultists, adventurers, etc. by 'the Elves' as a prize while two immortal families go at it in blood & thunder against the backdrop of alternative history. Much to the amusement of the Elven gods of Fairyland & the powers of Hell, their immortal play things are going through their dances.

So what the Hell is going on here?! We'll I'm using bits & pieces of Lion & Dragon's cosmology mixed with a healthy dosing of OD&D Gods, Demi Gods & Heroes to work through the cosmological issues of this campaign stretch.

"I have walked my way since the beginning of time. Sometimes I give, sometimes I take, it is mine to know which and when!"
Merlin Excalibur 1981

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