Saturday, April 7, 2018

The Gateway of Tsathoggua's Madness - The Volcano Lands Olathoë' Session Report Fourteen

The world upheld their pillars for awhile:
Now, where imperial On and Carthage stood,
The hot wind sifts across the solitude
The sand that once was wall and peristyle;
Or furrows like the main each tawny mile
Where, ocean-deep above its ancient food
Of cities fame-forgot, the waste is nude,
Traceless as billows of each sunken pile.

Lo! for that wrong shall vengeance come at last,
When the devouring earth, in ruin one
With royal walls and palaces undone,
In dust far-blown from the orbit of the past,
Shall drift, and winds that wrangle through the vast
Immingle it with ashes of the sun.
The Balance  (1912)  by Clark Ashton Smith

I've been running a highly modified version of Venger Satanis's Trilogy of Awesome +1 but we're finally winding down after the party's confrontation with some Children of Ymir Dwarves last week. The dimensional scoop is back working but it also means that others can now use the gate system to reach into the mines. Someone crossed over the Threshold this week!


In tonight's game the party ran across some arcane scouts hunting insectoid scientist across the trackless wastes of the planes & dimensions. They're perceptions & senses were not their own & the party was able to take them with ease. A crossbow bolt & some swordplay took them from out of the equation. Then the party found the endless doorways between universes in a side cavern. All was not as it seemed as the party confronted the insectoid scientist & he seemed to read their thoughts.

The arcane scouts were made from mercenary
scum of some unknown war in Europe.

He lost a clawed hand but was scanning the party during the entire game and reporting about their activities during the whole game time tonight! The party took several items off of the scouts & the scientist after messing with the arcane items one of the party went poof down a gateway into an unknown dungeon! The party is right now flying blind with one half separated from their comrades. What they don't know is that smack in the middle of a large Lovecraftian dungeon designed somewhat after the ruins found in Clark Ashton Smith's Tale of Satampra Zeiros, The (1931). Dangerous mercenary warriors and troops occupy the region where the players are right at the moment. The heavy fight power of the other party members isn't available here. The party members have no idea of the danger that their in!

One of the friendly locals waiting to meet and possibly eat the party!

The situation is about to go from bad to worse as the dungeon has several elements directly inspired by Abraham Merritt's The Moon Pool novel. The party has no idea of the depths of crap they've gotten themselves into with the introduction of this adventure plot line!

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