Thursday, April 26, 2018

Death In the Skies - Actual Pulp Era Campaign Event Five

In the concrete canyons of New York a battle raged tonight as planar elemental micro cannons blazed against small group of Grey scout ships high about the teaming streets of an alternative history 1904 New York!

The PC's in tonight's game were ambushed by four Grey scout ships! And they were out for blood! Gave as good s they got into tonight's game!

Four scout saucers gave our heroes in tonight's Renegade Heroes, Tyrannical Conquerors, & Wasteland Kings which is a combination OSR hybrid of Adventurer, Conqueror, King's Barbarians of Barbarian Conquerors of Kanahu mixed in with Troll Lord Games Amazing Adventures firearms, modern equipment & setting material. I've also borrowed quite liberally from Advanced Dungeons & Dragons First edition's Fiend Folio for the other worldly monsters from around the solar system. More on that later on.

The Greys in the last couple of games have been trying to kidnap the Pan America royal family the Count & Countess  Turck along with their daughter Samantha. The players managed to get both the Countess & their daughter but the aliens managed to grab the Count. These Grey's wanted a complete set of family members. Four scout ships went up against our heroes & after rather lengthy battle two of the scout ships suffered terrible damage. One was destroyed whist the other was forced to land back on the high rise sky ship landing pad. Four Grey soldiers made a hasty exit from the scout ship just as the PC's sky ship looped back!

The four grey soldiers managed to get a heavy fusion weapon in place just as as the PC's sky ship came in for another pass! The PC's sky ship's weapons  rained down Hell fire blowing apart the energy weapon of the Greys! The energy crystal of the weapon's system cracked & exploded killing the soldiers in an instant. The saucer remains intact & the PC's want to loot erm salvage it! Little do they know that the Count is on board and in a cryo tube! But are there other hidden dangers aboard this flying saucer of death?!

Tonight was very interesting because we were working with Barbarian Conquerors of Kanahu & several key old school resources especially some of the early articles of 'The Dragon'. Several of the more other worldly horrors on board that saucer are going to be taken from the classic Fiend Folio. But there's more going on here as I flesh out certain weird quasi biological tools of the Greys.

The pulp elements from Clark Ashton Smith Zothique series of stories will be brought out front & center next week so stay tuned!

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