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Review & Commentary On The Free Amazing Adventures Demon Hunter PC Class By Jason Vey From Troll Lord

"Every generation has those destined few who stand alone or with a small and trusted cabal against the forces of darkness. They are the bane of vampires, werewolves, demons and the other minions of Hell and the Deeper Dark. These are the Chosen Ones…the Demon Hunters."

"Whether by choice or by fate, they are gifted with supernatural abilities to battle the forces of evil, and trained to use these gifts to become a weapon of good."

Dictionnaire Infernal - Demon

 Amazing Adventures Demon Hunter By Jason Vey from Troll Lord Games brings a brand new free PC class to the Amazing Adventures super hero & pulp hero retro clone game. Given the monster slayer & demonic hunter angle of this six page PC supplement there's more then a bit of the Buffyverse in the DNA of this add on. From the favored weapon to the upper level abilities there's plenty for the demonic slayer's tool box.

Your PC's will be having these types of dialogues with horrors from Hell.
Jacques Collin de Plancy having a discussion with the Devil, Le Diable Peint par Lui-Même, 1825

There's lots of hooks & adds on for the dungeon master to take full advantage of to make the player's PC's life a living literal Hell. A dungeon master can smear the past lives of such a PC with the powers & creatures of Hell from birth to afterlife. The powers of chaos are going to be the manipulator of infernal violence in the person's life & the target of various demonic creatures trying to corruption the loved ones of the PC.  But demon hunter have pulp advantages such as favored weapon;
"FAVORED WEAPON: Every Demon hunter has her favorite weapon, be it a special wooden stake elaborately carved from ash, a staff gifted to her by an African shaman, or a hammer reputed to contain a bit of metal from Mjolnir itself."

Demon Slayers run from 1 to 12 levels & after reading through the PC class it seems balanced enough as slayers can use most melee & most ranged D&D style weapons. Their primary attribute is strength so they're almost most but not quite within the fighter/ thief PC camp.

Yes Satan by Dore is plotting your PC's downfall, trust me.

They make up for some of the classes short comings with some pretty solid given & level abilities;"Sense the Darkness, Supernatural Senses,Occult Knowledge, Protection from Evil, Unarmed Attacks,Favored Weapon, Know the Weakness, Aura of Courage,Extra Attack, Smite Evil" This whole laundry list of powers makes me think that a friendship with a cleric or priest class is a must. Better yet a partnership with a knight or paladin is a better choice for such a PC. Their is a wide range of pulp options for such a PC from a partnership in an occult detective agency to the slayer of Lovcraftian horrors.

Why was the demon hunter not included in the main Amazing Adventures rpg rule book or the Amazing Adventure companion. I'd give the demon hunter PC class a four out of five. Can the Demon Hunter be used with original Dungeons & Dragons?
Dungeons & Dragons Supplement III: Eldritch Wizardry, Ancient and Powerful Magic is the key here with its wide range of demons which are perfect to sick on your demon hunters!

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