Tuesday, August 11, 2015

James Ward Health Update And Raising The Volume On A Good Cause

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When I read the following, I was at a bit of a loss. James Ward is one of the founding fathers of role playing and Metamorphosis Alpha is a fantastic game that is now under the Goodman Games banner as well as WardCo. So the following was shared on Facebook from the keyboard of Mr.Ward himself.
The following was posted by Jim Ward on his Facebook page a few hours ago

Got terrible news today. I need lots more hospital time with several more foot operations. How am I ever going to get work done in a situation like this. Bills are mounting and I have to be home to get much work done. I don't remember when I have been this miserable."
But Frank Taylor of the Dungeon Lord Blog is doing something to help.
I love Metamorphosis Alpha and I want to help him out, so I'm raffling off my Kickstarter Boxed Edition Deluxe Collectors Edition oversized Hardcover. Raffle tickets will be $5 a piece, which will be available through purchase on my blog and 100% of the ticket sales will go to Jim Ward and his family. The raffle draw will be held on a live Google hangouts and buying multiple tickets is encouraged!

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