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Raid On The Baikonur Cosmodrome - Black Market Inc. & Islands In The Stream Campaign Prequel Adventure - A DCC Rpg Actual Play Event

 In the future two multi international corporations the American multinational corporation NTI & the rival German multinational Richter Dynamics control exploration of not only space but have branched into the realm of inter dimensional exploration and time travel. Outfits of adventurers and freebooters like Black Market Inc. are brought in, these are teams of mercenaries and dimensional travelers who risk all to explore and deal with high risk artifacts and relics. Risking anything and all to bring back alien cargoes, high tech relics, and occult treasures of incredible potential!

They are Black Market Inc.. This is their story.
Cue cheesy 80's theme music.
A single black helicopter over the Kazakhstan post apocalyptic wasteland on an alternative Earth.

Last night's game was a prequel adventure involving a contract to raid an underground facility within the Russian post apocalyptic wastelands. From the wiki page Baikonur Cosmodrome (Russian: Космодро́м «Байкону́р» Kosmodrom Baykonur; Kazakh: Байқоңыр ғарыш айлағы Bayqoñır ğarış aylağı) is the world's first and largest operational space launch facility.[1] It is located in the desert steppe of Kazakhstan, about 200 kilometres (124 mi) east of the Aral Sea, north of the Syr Darya river, near Tyuratam railway station, at 90 metres (300 ft) above sea level. It is leased by the Kazakh government to Russia (until 2050) and is managed jointly by the Russian Federal Space Agency and the Russian Aerospace Defence Forces.
 Something dark and dangerous stalks the wastelands surrounding the Baikonur Cosmodrome. The facility has on one of its underground levels alien technologies that when the Cybernetic Wars started got out. There are several flying saucers below ground in underground facilities as well.

For last night's game I used Black Market Inc.'s usual party line up, We also had a few jail house riots and lost world inter dimensional horror funnels for generation.
 Cain who was a a retriever and expert at scavenging ie thief 
'Draft' hit man and expert fighter - fighter
Gonz - Hitman/ mercenary/pilot/ river rat - assassin /pilot 
Corey The Amazing occultist & former pusher of illicit substances who was the psi scout of the party - wizard
Goz The Brutal - last survivor of the land bridge clan and prince - cleric (patron savage bear)
Shana Jungle Princess - last Elven princess of the Hand of Zegula/expert in jungle survival - Elf

The PC's were brought into the Kazakhstan wasteland for a raid on one of the most dangerous facilities in the wastelands. Entire teams of adventurers have disappeared in these wastes without a trace. Messages of terror of alien presences and images of incredible destruction are all that are found. 

In the early summer of 1953, the last of the Supernatural Wars were cooling down as the defeat of the Nazi Thule forces had insured that the some of the occult technologies recovered during the war could finally be exploited and researched at . One of these was a time/space/dimensional machine was used to travel to the alternative future of 2390; this enabled several key pieces of technology from Altar IV to be brought back to 1957. Many of these discoveries included advanced A.I. applications and the science of molecular energy.
This knowledge was given to top men and women among people in the know, people like Dr. Norman, Dr. Benton Quest, and Dr. Reed Richards among others.
Dr. Isaiah Norman: You know of my experiments in attempting to harness energy and my theory of controlling it?
Dr. Benton C. Quest: Yes, I do.
Dr. Isaiah Norman: Well, I'm afraid my efforts have resulted in the creation of something too terrible to contemplate.
Dr. Benton C. Quest: But, Isaiah...
Dr. Isaiah Norman: No, believe me, Benton. It is monstrous beyond imagination and, what is worse, uncontrollable.

Molecular energy life forms often resulted from the misapplication of the race known by many names including the Krell or the Benefactors. Guarding the facility is a very dangerous proto molecular life form, invisible, highly dangerous and pissed off.
Dr. Benton C. Quest: Dr. Norman was experimenting with energy and mass. To make it brief, it got away from him. He found he had made a mass of energy that somehow came alive. It feeds on more energy, and it lives only to feed. I'm afraid it consumed Dr. Norman before he could stop it.
Jonny Quest: It eats people?
Dr. Benton C. Quest: No, Jonny. It consumes them. It eats energy - sunlight, electricity, the energy in a living body - anything it can get.
But the real secret is the fact that a Benefactor living weapon system has been housed for centuries in a state of suspended animation, starved for energy and seething with the potential for destruction! But they must recover one of the Hyperdrive saucers for their employers

Well after a protracted fire fight with some Richter Dynamics mutant troops and a cyborg that brought the attention of one of the invisible monsters the PC ran like hell and sealed them selves into the base proper.
To be continued..

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