Monday, August 10, 2015

1d6 Random Demon Spawn Encounters Table For Your Old School Campaigns

Deep within the wastelands, there are things that stir that have been spit out from the bowls of the Hells, and exist deep in the wastes. Things whose wraith knows no bounds, monsters that long to return to the no man's land of the Beyond to await the time when the Earth will be theirs once again. These swarms of horror and wrath move across the face of the wastelands sewing destruction and chaos in their wake.
Pity any adventurers who run across these things and are dragged into the maws and claws of these horrors. Only madness, damnation and depravity await these poor fools.

1d6 Random Demon Spawn Encounters Table
  1. A rolling band of demonic half forgotten things with neither past nor future who have been called back into this life by the misfired spell of a damned magus who was consumed for his efforts. There are 1d20 of these horrors armed with a variety of improvised weapons ready to tear apart any fool they run across.  They are all that remains of half forgotten relatives and loved ones who have died in plague ridden villages. The power of magick has called them back and they are half demonic horrors now. 
  2. The shed remains of a fallen angel who shed its heavenly grandeur around the wasteland as it passed into Hell. The remains have taken on the half life of the damned. This weird afterbirth slime like horror cries its unending horror and hunger to the heavens and will consume anything it can to expand and try to gain intelligence and a semi soul, after 1d8 days it will divide and become 1d20 smaller spawn like life forms. 
  3. A semi alien weird cosmic life form created from the half forgotten remains of an extinct alien civilization now long damned and dead. These half undead things have come from a decayed world orbiting a black sun of horror. They hunger for the flesh and life of the living  but it is forever denied them. Use the stats for a Ju Ju zombie with a 70% chance of psionic powers 
  4. A splinter from the cosmic staff of an angel of death has spawned 1d10 alien things from the cosmic energies and half burned corpses of the dead from another star. These horrors exist as half things and only take partial damage from weapons only magical weapons may harm them. They exist to feast on the souls of the living. 
  5. 1d10 semi plastic demon things spawned in the heart of the remains of a dead star. These horrors will seek out the inner organs and bodies of any nearby living. They will seek any orifices and impregnate them with their damned progeny. Within 1d10 days their organs will burst forth with the semi Lovecraftian horrors to grow into new gods things of the stars! 
  6. A demonic cloud from the Outer Darkness has come among the living to feast on the souls and minds of the living. This thing will seek out all of the men within a twenty mile radius to give birth to its horrors. There will be 1d8 slime like horrors with whipping and slime drenched tendrils. These things will seek out the cults of the Old Ones for protection and grow into new demonic god horrors of ancient times until the stars are right once again. 

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