Friday, August 28, 2015

1d6 Random Ancient Lovecraftian Treasures From The Wasteland's Table For Your Old School Campaigns

There are relics that crop up from time to time in the wastelands of Accursed Atlantis that can turn the tide of life itself, relics of earlier universe, lost times, and places that are simply the shattered remains of things long past that are simply pieces of things so alien as to defy the very nature and ideas about life and sanity. Here are six of those relics that drift into and out of the lives of Freebooters and foolish adventurers that come across them.
1d6 Random Ancient Lovecraftian Treasures From The Wasteland's Table
  1. A golden mask belonging to an ancient alien god thing a million years dead. This mask will change the perceptions and senses of the wearer reducing and changing intelligence by -3 points, upping wisdom by +2, and reducing Dex by 3 points as limbs and sanity are changed as the owner's body assumes a much more alien form. The mask itself is worth 7000 gold pieces to the right buyer and wizards will murder to possess the thing. 
  2. An ancient half melted lump of molten glass that contains the life force of ancient demon from a dead and dying star whose mind is trapped in the thing. Once per day the thing will transfer 1d4 black magick spells to the right wizard or the alien thoughts may drive the fool mad with grief and depression due to the visions. 
  3. This glass hand has within it, an alien computer with numerous volumes of dead and dying soul's knowledge. There is a 60% chance that it may try to impart some bit of forbidden or half forgotten alien lore. The thing is worth 8000 gold pieces to the right buyer. But many witch hunters will kill to destroy this treasure of the wastelands. 
  4. This green and gold volume of metal plates and alien diagrams is actually the half forgotten knowledge of  the Moonbeasts who will kill to get it back it contains their magickal forbidden knowledge of their empires. There is a 30% chance of their being a spells holy to these beasts. They will pay 20000 gold pieces or the character's weight in forbidden relics. 
  5. This volume is bound in the skin of demons from the blackest parts of the under world and has within the stored knowledge of a hundred occultists and wizards rendered down into their essence. The book contains the knowledge of forbidden vistas and the demons who dwell there under the alien skies. The book is worth 6000 gold pieces but there is an alien demon cloud after the thing. 
  6. This casket contains the remains of two broken pacts and contracts between the humans and the half breed demon folk whose name still echoes on the wind. The pact is for the original inhabitants of the land. They're gods are jealous beings full of spite and anger. They will teach a willing pupil the ways of their ancient arts, the pupil will be granted 1d4 spells per day given to the teacher telepathically. The casket is worth 40,000. gold pieces. 

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