Tuesday, August 4, 2015

1d6 Random Relics From The Forbidden Zodiacs Encounter Table For Your Old School Campaigns

The pane of reality is shattered as the gods battle among themselves and the myriad forces of Chaos from the maw of Hell. Demons, spirits, gods of ancient gods of the damned, lost inhabitants of forgotten & alien dimensions make war upon each other. All of reality is caught in the electric cross fire of magick forces beyond the Pale.

Violence & waves of the vengeance of the Gods  shatter the threshold between worlds bringing with them relics and debris from a million battles across the myriad dimensions. Many of these objects trickle through the web ways between worlds many of these objects bring with them curses, history, and the dreams of mad men, unfortunate are the freebooters, revers, and adventurers whose paths cross these 'treasures'.

1d6 Random Relics From The Forbidden Zodiacs Encounter Table

  1. A blade something that resembles a three foot weird colored piece of metal perhaps a razor blade or some minor knife blade weilded by the gods. This piece has a gut of some giant alien beast's gut wound around what passes for the hilt of this +3 two handed human sized blade.  Under the moon light it bleeds out a universal bio acid that will add another one or two points of damage to anything attacked by it. Each two weeks it will send horrific visions of the alien battles its seen enough to drive any hero mad. 
  2. A burnt silvery scorpion statue which contains a body made from the crushed dream stuff of brave warriors who have seen far to much violence and depravity. This object will sting its owner sending a deep acting poison into the veins. The victim is send into the astral where the object's god thing will show 1d6 possible visions of the owner's futures. The victim will be sent rushing back to their body, a wisdom check is needed immediately interpret this vision. Adventures, treasures, and other matters of life shattering importance is shown to the owner in these visions. Meanwhile the treasure is slowly stealing the target's constitution, the owner will not notice these missing points, the DM should keep track of these points for every use of the scorpion. The owner will be crippled by the object unable to make even the most basic decision making operations without a successful save. The scorpion is has the nick name of King breaker in certain esoteric circles where it is known as it passes from hand to hand. 
  3. A knotted piece of golden twine with thirteen complex knots tied into it. It will take a Dexterity check along with a saving throw to avoid the 1d4 points of damage that comes from the soul cracking energy that is released from within the rope. Each piece of rope has been woven from the god's lives, within each piece is a miracle of the damned. There is a 40% chance for each knot undone a minor miracle or treasure might appear but there is also a chance that a demon or horror has been bound within this same knot. These pieces of woven fate can be burned and will explode in a cascade of holy fire doing 4d6 points of damage to any forces of Chaos or the damned in a 140 foot radius round the owner. Very value but dangerous piece. 
  4. A large black coal like chunk of chipped and metallic rock, this piece is actually petrified depravity and these things can be dissolved  in alchemist's acid and burn with the fury of the Damned for 3d6 +4 points of damage to any creatures or angels of Order that are splashed with it. These pieces will also cause 1d4 random mutations in any ordinary mortals who handle them.  There will usually be 1d6 pieces found in hoards, meteor pits, or places where the Damned have been summoned. 
  5. A vase of brass containing the dreams and depraved desires of demons of the 5th lowest vibration of Gath. The vase can be used to hold a demon within a field of command with a successful Charisma roll and a shout of the unsacred scripture of Hell writ in God blood on the vase.  The demon will however tell its brothers and sisters to mark the owner for a soul hunt when next they meet any. 
  6. The volume of the profane, this book is bound the skins of the ancient warriors who stood against the horrors of the Forbidden Zoadiac, this book contains several bargains and spells to help its owner soul pact with one of the zodiac's god devils. There will be 1d4 spells as per a scroll at the beginning of the book, and towards the back is a mental construct that will enable the owner to summon a lesser minion of the zodiac. The minor will be a mid level demon thing and will tempt the owner with a possible outcome that the thing can change. But 1d4 years of fortune and prosperity of the owner will disappear and other circumstances will be bargained for. The skein of the owner can and will be changed for the owner's soul but also their sanity and morals will be eaten as well.

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