Monday, August 31, 2015

1d6 Random Gifts From The Space Gods Table For Your Old School Campaigns

The wastelands of Accursed Atlantis are thick with ships and strange phenomena, often times encounter with unknown alien powers and things beyond the normal ken of mankind alters the very fabric of a PC. Some appripute these gifts to be the work of the Space Gods who still are altering and monkeying with the DNA of the human and near human races of Accused Atlantis. Some see these gifts as blessings, while others see them as cosmic jokes at the expense of those who receive them. Many times those who undergo these changes become outsiders and are considered madmen or worse by their tribes.

1d6 Random Gifts From The Space Gods Table

  1. The brain chemistry of the victim is altered and several ancient pathways are opened up, the victim gains +4 strength and +2 to his combat rolls. The fool is subject to berserk rages  now during combat.
  2. The victim's psychic awareness is increase for an obscene amount, their wisdom score gains a +3 and the vale cosmic is lifted. The victim can see the invisible and is very sensitive to the infra red spectrum. 
  3. The victim gains +1 claws and their damage for hand to hand attacks increase. They also have the strength to tear apart light metal and some soft woods. 
  4. The victim's brain is super charged and they are able to receive 1d4 minor prophetic dreams per night but the information is broken and fragmentary at best. They're wisdom score gains +2 because of the intense senses and super charging of the mind. 
  5. The victim has his skin and body structure altered as incredible energies are bathed on his body. The victim gains a +2 to his constitution scores, the victim is has their bodies primed for battle. Their armor class goes down by two points. 
  6. The victim gains sight beyond and is able to track the movements of the Outer Ones and the things beyond the vale. They may also struggle with the fact that they can see into the souls of many normal folks and pierce the motives behind the lies of their neighbors. They can strike what can't be with the energies of the 'power' and demons can be taken down as a normal monster . 

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