Saturday, November 25, 2017

The Road To Rumble & Ruins - Olathoë' Session Report II

The PC's bard having spent the night in the grand temple of   Tsathoggua  was alerted by the head monks of the temple that the place was surrounded by one of  Olathoë 's rival thieves/assassins guild in the guise of beggars. The assassins were over seen by a priestess of Tulu (Cthulhu) whom was directing their efforts.

After several carefully placed arrow shots took down key "beggers" the PC's made their way out of the city escorted by a  half Hyperborean musketeer temple scout named Mock. He's used to escorting monks & other temple personnel through the wasteland war zones outside the city. The affiliated thieves guild head of Olathoë met with the PC's to discuss smuggling them out of the city via back ways & hidden paths. The PC's also find out about a paladin of

Tulu (Cthulhu)  who has been making inquires about the PC's and offering bounties on them. After arrangements were made & meals were had the PC's were off via the hidden paths out of the city on mule.

The PC's got a great look at the devastation & war torn route outside the city into the western wastelands along the volcanic wracked landscape. They're trying to ascertain the level of corruption & if the outpost on the western wastelands have been compromised by the forces of chaos. Past silent reminders of the Ancient Ones & a long forgotten  golden age the PC's come across a set of ruins that a Hyperborean scavenger has market out as his own. From on top of a ridge the PC see bandits coming to attack the scavenger, the bandits move their horses into position and begin to draw weapons. They think this should be an easy mark.

The PC move in silently to interfere with the bandits. Drunken, high, and bold the bandits loudly make their way into the ruins to reclaim stolen rot gut hidden away days before. They had business within the ruins.  A still set up long ago by this gang for the production of spirits. The still has been quietly disassembled & claimed by the Hyperborean scavenger much to the anger of the bandits. Things don't go well for the bandits as they burst into the ruins.

The Hyperborean scavenger has an armored construct suit from the golden age. And the bandits are attacked from both sides in an ambush that takes them by surprise & the players rolled very well. Out of the seven bandits one makes it out of it alive as the construct armor, several arrows, and carefully placed wheel lock shots slaughter the bandits.

Another PC is introduced as the last surviving human bandit scum is questioned. He tells the PC's of another visitor to the ruins not five days ago a Hyperborean paladin of Thlu whom the PC's recognize. Where was he going? Why was he in the ruins? The bandit hoping to live tells the PC's of a Hyperborean cult who have claimed the large ruins up the path. They worship strange insect gods & often have truck with the forces of Chaos. The paladin paid them a visit not four days ago. Mock fears that the noise of combat will draw monsters & scavengers to the area, he leads the party down several hunting paths after the party claims the bandit's horses. They've gotten an upgrade in travel but now they come to another set of sinister looking ruins the abode of the strange insect god worshiping cult. Who are these strange cultists and what do they want with our heroes? Tune in next week for another in exciting adventure!

So what's happening here is that I'm using a combination of Adventurer, Conqueror, King as the main system for the PC's & my own campaign world of 'Old Earth' based on the Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea second edition. The players are having a blast and its working out very well. Tonight's game was a really nice challenge & kinda of a set run to see how things work work out. All in all it was a great game tonight.

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