Saturday, November 18, 2017

'Smoke & Mirrors of Olathoë' Session Report

In tonight's hybrid game, the party wandered through the streets of Olathoë and made contact with the bard's guild after spending the night in the local temple of Tsathoggua.The monks of the temple were tending & helping to heal the city's soldiers who were having lots of problems with inhuman raiders in  the western wastelands of the land of Lomar. The temple is serving as a hospital for the soldiers in the city who were wounded in the raids the week before.

Olathoë is a war wracked city surrounded by enemies who want to take  the plateau of Sarkis. The city's black powder musketeers are stretched thin by the inhuman forces on all sides forcing the city to bring in human Viking mercenaries. The situation is holding for now but for how long & what secrets do the wastelands outside the city hold? Once the sites for countless battles with the human forces that once occupied the place, its now a hotly contested zone for the city's defenders with death of mercenary troops being both common & expected but the Hyperboreans pay well and offer fishing rights as well as subsidized crops of fungus, wheat, and other high end sundries.

There are the ruins and underground vaults of a great many ancient temples that were destroyed during the various invasions & battles of the past now occupied by all manner of monsters including  the hairy, long-armed, cannibal Gnophkehs & far worse. So naturally the PC's are headed out into the wastelands to find out if the city outpost has been compromised.

There are rumors that the PC's heard in tonight's game of gargoyles, ghouls, and worse stalking the battlefields feeding on the souls & flesh of the dead. Tunnels have been found by certain rangers leading deep into the Earth with the sign of  Mordiggian painted in blood & mud above certain tunnels that were sealed off with the sign of Koth. Representative priests from the temple of Nodens have come to see if they need to send an inquisitor party in but things are strained. So the PC's have been contacted to help investigate the situation and see if the raiders and co are in league with the ghouls. Or worse a necromancer has been stirring the supernatural pot of events.

The assassins guild has been active as of late spying on the movements of certain foreign trading houses for the king of Lomar within 
Olathoë. Are there monstrous forces within the city & how can the party cope with an overwhelming enemy such as a werewolf or worse. They need more support & perhaps more hands to help them combat these dark forces which need aligned against them. Is a necromancer, vampire, or worse on their trail as the temple seer indicated from last week's game? Only time will tell as they make their way to western wastelands to find out if the city outpost has been taken over by the dark raiders forces. Maybe they will stumble on a dungeon or two?

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