Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Ilangortun - The Hitchhikers From Thaall For Your Old School Space Opera

The Ilangortun are a race of cosmically  intelligent flat worms who are part of a hive mind god collective traveling the universes and collecting experiences. These basically powerful godlike macrosites operate within a tri dimensional quad oververse where the partner with a host willing or not.
Besides expanding the consciousness of the host to almost cosmic levels. The creatures occupy more then for dimensional spaces at the same time. There is no privacy between host and macrosite. The monster observes the soul and spirit of host enabling a detailed catalog of even the most intimate changes from within.
The Ilangortun are the ultimate voyeur and a have an almost perverse sexually predatory sense of their hosts. They view them as both experimental subjects and biological toys. Yet there are those who seek them out.
The Ilangortun often are found attached to adventurers. They are sometimes referred to as adreline junkies of the worst stripe putting their cosmic charges into extreme situations of danger, This is often done for the thrill of it.
'The Hitchhikers From Thaall' is a name and reputation that they acquired from the famous case of  the alien adventurer Thrall who spend nearly one hundred years under the yoke of these things. Considered one of the greatest of the so called 'extreme explorers'. Thall discovered and charted more then two hundred worlds in his life time. He often used simple craft with over extended alien FTL designs and was last seen charting the sun rings of Hussr'ra.
Gaming  'The Ilangortun'

The Ilangortun add +2 to the intelligence of any creature that they inhabit. These monsters exist dimensionally  and  are often attached to the souls of their hosts. They can painfully and somewhat dangerously be separated from their hosts by certain expensive and rare clerical rites. These rites will do 1d6 points of damage to the host while expelling the creatures.
 The Ilangortun will add 1d100 years to the life it's host but the monsters are the ultimate in thrill junkies. They will force the host from one adventure to another into another seemly hopeless cause. These macro hive minds care little for their hosts and will survive the death of such. They view this as simply an inconvenience.
 They have been known to attract certain monsters to the host if the 'entertainment' isn't up to their standards. Some alien tribes view these creatures as gods and seek them out as part of their rites of passage. The Ilangortun are a complex god like creature and continue to be found across the planes. Watching and waiting as they test. 


  1. The idea adventurers might be doing what they're doing because of an unsuspected 'attachment' like this could be a very fruitful one for a campaign. One day, maybe totally by accident, they find out...

  2. It makes you wonder whose the spectator and whose the player in these little dramas. Sometimes it not about the cosmic because the cosmic is a wee bit more intimate then one thinks. Thanks for the comment and welcome back Porky!


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