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Calothmaroth Station - A Lovecraftian Encounter For Your Old School Space Opera Games

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At the edge of known space is a ringed world very similar to Saturn. There is something distinctly odd floating within the rings. A gravity bubble surrounds a small planetoid of ice,snow, and violence.
This small planet half the size of Earth's moon boasts an "E" atmosphere and very unusual ice formations across its surface. The place seems to explode as new ice formations form, live for a twelve hour day and then seemly 'die' within hours. 


Calothmaroth Station
There are twenty two massive two hundred foot tall dull metal megaliths that point straight out of the ice and seem to reach into the sky like the fingers of a drowning man. These structures surround a twelve level structure beneath the ice.
 It has sat there for a million years or more never occupied but its artifacts gleaming like new. The bare black walls of strange metal and brushed structures waiting. Those who venture into its corridors seldom return. For here once trod the 'Great Race Of Yith' who made war with other far fouler things in the darkness of this place. This place is tomb or prison.
Its walls still hold the nanite guards who once patrolled its halls. There in center of the structure is a gravity lens created by the megalith above and held in place by forces beyond the comprehension of man. The lens creating the bubble of gravity around this place. Yet the Earth like conditions are by design as well.
Once per night the prisoners of this foul place can reach into the dreams of those who dwell upon its surface. A night of telepathic horror and madness will wrack the minds of those who sleep and dream here.
Should the machinery of the place be activated 'that which dwells' here will be freed and its horrors will be visited upon the universe.
There are however priceless treasures of the 'Great Race' to be had. 

The Inimaulazgugo
Number Appearing :1d6 
Armor Class 5 
Hit points : 6
Damage 1d4 points of damage per round as the micro blades of these nanite minions slice and dice 
Special: Immune to most mind effecting magic, Regeneration as trolls
 These are the guardians of 
Calothmaroth Station who patrol its halls and are laced into the surface of the ice planetoid itself.
 They do not activate unless certain conditions are met. The monsters form into strange shadowy humanoids of smoke and shadow.
 They can be disrupted by a combination of  electrical damage and certain forbidden telepathic disciplines. These are known only to certain followers of the "Great Race". The machines will reform after twelve hours of seeming death and resume their duties. They will repair whatever machinery needs to be fixed. They  can weave other biological systems into the systems on a molecular level should the need arise as well. They are simply the ultimate care takers for masters who shall not return.

1d10  Random Treasures of The Calothmaroth Station
  1. Chest containing the metal scroll records of 2023 extinct races from across the planes. 
  2. Twelve sets of metal scrolls containing thirteen forbidden Yithian secrets that science has yet to use. 
  3. 'The Perfect Doll' A four hit point featureless shape shifting doll who seems to be an alien mockery of the humanoid form. It will whisper forbidden secrets, dance, and spin while telepathically drawing its form from the minds of those around it. 
  4. A Yithinan musical instrument or is it a weapon? This strange arrangement of pipes, metal, and metallic insanity is capable of sonically driving men mad but it is made for being with claws and facial tendrils 
  5. A black box of nano dissemblers capable of doing 1d8 points of damage to anything they get their micro tendrils on. Telepathically controlled and very dangerous. 
  6. A Yithian tool of copper wires, a metal six foot staff with a small metallic box on one end. The thing is capable of turning 9 cubic yards of stone to mist and back to stone. 
  7. A 40 point specimen force field device - This twelve inch long device is built for a clawed appendage. The force field also freezes time as well. Very difficult to deactivate. 
  8. A sphere of proto plasmic antimatter that will follow the PC's around. Capable of doing 1d10 points of damage to any polyp horrors that are found. Reacts to telepathic commands 
  9. A heavy lightning gun partially fried and baked. There is fresh slime on the thing though and a bit of steam coming off of parts of the device. Designed for clawed appendages. 
  10. Two time cubes containing members of the Great Race. These twenty foot cubes of frozen time will open should certain conditions be met otherwise they are indestructible. The machinery for their operation is within the claws of the Great Race themselves. These cubes are perfectly clear but weird gravity effects happen around them. 

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