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"Free" Pulptastic PDF 'Heroes From Rura- Tonga' 'PBY SoS' For your Old School Pulp Campaigns

 Heroes of Rura-Tonga PBY SOS is a 'pay what you want'  download from Griffon Games through Drivethrurpg.
You can get it right over

The description from Drivethrurpg: 
This free adventure outline by Peter Schweighofer introduces readers to the exciting
world of Heroes of Rura-Tonga, a roleplaying game supplement presenting source
material outlining elements for a 1930s pulp campaign in the South Pacific and five,
full-length scenarios. The heroes intercept a radio distress signal from a US Navy PBY
nearby. When they land on an uncharted island to investigate, they stumble upon a
villainous plot to steal secret military technology and sell it to America's enemies.
Check out this free scenario to get a feel for the kinds of adventures you can play in
the Heroes of Rura-Tonga game supplement and adventure collection available from
Griffon Publishing Studio.
Gamers can easily adapt this Any-System Key adventure to their favorite roleplaying 
game rules. The Any-System Key describes character skills and task difficulties in 
terms that easily translate into nearly any game system. These terms do not link to any
 one game engine, but serve as general guidelines to give readers an overall sense 
how they fit within their own game's stat and difficulty scale. To use this scenario with
 your favorite role playing game system you'll need the copy of the Any-System
 included with the free adventure outline file; or you can download it free from 
Griffon Publishing Studio.

Using Heroes From Rura- Tonga 'PBY SoS' 

This is really nice eight page pulptastic adventure that can be used with any old school game system. Its a great little adventure to throw some character together. The adventure is very compact, tight, and well done for a night's set of gaming. 
The plot is perfect for a weird adventure game set during the early days of Weird War Two. 
"The heroes intercept a radio distress signal from a US Navy PBY nearby. When they land on an uncharted island to investigate, they stumble upon a villainous plot to steal secret military technology and sell it to America's enemies." 
If the plot sounds familiar that's because it reminded me of a very old gem from the 80's. 'Tales of the Gold Monkey' was one of the very best of the early 80's televison shows and this one almost seems like its ripped straight from one of the scripts. That's not a bad thing at all. The adventure can easily adapt to anything from Trey's Weird Adventures to Call of Cthulhu.
This adventure is merely a skeleton with a few bits on the bone. This allows the DM to customize this adventure as they see fit. The whole set up works as an episode of your favorite pulptastic 80's television show.
This adventure has the potential to go very bad for the PC's if they decide to not use their heads. This adventure will place PC's in the middle of WWII wartime adventure. It happens very quickly over the course of eight pages.

 Ten Reasons To Use 'Heroes From Rura- Tonga' 'PBY SoS'
  1. 'Tales From the Gold Monkey' isn't all that well known and even among Call of Cthulhu enthusiasts its quickly dismissed. This adventure echoes the sense of fun and puts the 'Heroes' in the middle of some Weird War WWII action. 
  2. This is a solid adventure for an evening's play and works very well and very quick in its objectives. 
  3.  PC's are going to have to think in this one. While there is the potential for action, the potential for blood shed is just as quick. 
  4. There is a bit of wiggle room for inserting in some CoC elements into the mix with this one. 
  5. The adventure is tight and easily adaptable into your favorite retroclone for added action. The style is very high on this one. 
  6. This is only a one shot but its one with real potential for a opening this into a Pacific Island campaigns. 
  7. The author is good at what he does and doesn't add unnecessary wrong turn plot twists to the mix. 
  8. With the right add ons this might even be used as a Delta Green of the past adventure. 
  9. The weirdness factor is low but can be easily turned up enough to capture some of the weirder aspects of the pulps. 
  10. All in all this is a solid adventure done in only eight page and while it is an advertisement for the Heroes of Rura-Tonga game its one that is interesting. There's lots of potential here. This is a download, grab it, and go adventure.
    Three out of five stars for an evening's entertainment! 

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