Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Mega -Dungeons of 'The Floating Hudson Airport' For Your Old School Pulp Games

KELSEY CAMPBELL-DOLLAGHAN writes for the Palefuture blog on Gizmodo and while digging through her articles I came across the the idea for a floating airport on the Hudson River. 144-block-long floating airport on the edge of the Hudson River, where planes could take off on the long roof and boats could dock at its edges.
The plan was radical, innovative, and totally off the wall. The plan would have been in today's dollars estimated cost: $35 billion
According to the article - "The man who owned the Chrysler Building—William Zeckendorf—was behind this idea to build "Manhattan's Dream Airport."

 The original article is found right over HERE

6 Radical Infrastructure Schemes That Almost Changed NYC Forever

A Floating Palace On The Hudson of Alternative Earth  

6 Radical Infrastructure Schemes That Almost Changed NYC Forever

Someplace out in the middle of the multiverse right now this incredible engineering achievement has been made. This is the same style of pulptastic universe where as well as Dusty Ayres, Super Ace of the U.S. Air Defense And 'Doc Savage' whose have saved the world countless times. 
 Here the airplane is king and air travel is as common as driving a car!  Because of the exploits of The Battle Birds. This sort of technology has been pushed through congress and even now New Yorkers are enjoying the benefits of such a vast floating palace. 
 This a world where the innovations of WWII is still going on and the clean up from the Nazi menace is still on going. They're just starting to clean the mess up. Anyone with a wood working and machine shop in their homes can or has built an airplane. The innovations are coming fast and furious. 
The multistory airport on the Hudson boasts every enmity from hotels to full blown dry dock facilities for floating planes and ships. The place is riddled with secret passages and incredible hidden worlds within. Places for control towers to full blown military staging areas. 
6 Radical Infrastructure Schemes That Almost Changed NYC Forever
 Of course such a floating staging area is the target for a grand amount of targeting by terrorists, Nazi saboteurs, and many others. The amount of cargo that shuttles through the place boggles the mind.
Then there's the incredible developments in technology such as the flying wings, experimental planes, and even  rumors of flying saucers being held there.
Who knows what secrets the many tunnels, drydocks, and secret hangers really hold. Both the United States Airforce, the US Army, and countless mercenary air forces also use the facility. The place is also been the target of air pirates and worse since its completion.
The Floating Hudson Air Port has also boasted some of the first jets that have been seen streaking through the sky. Even Air Boy and his battalion of aces has made appearances. Once every year is the "Grand Air Show Of New England" this show boasts some of the most innovative and incredible technology in aviation.
 The location can also make an appearance in any alternative Earth's post apocalyptic New York sky line as a vault of incredible potential and possibly under the control of a tribe of pilots, and or flying mutants with deep ties to the past of aviation. 

This is work of fiction for entertainment purposes only and no attempt is being made to violate the copy right  or trade marks of the writers, artists, or innovators. The work is solely the work of my warped imagination. I hope you enjoyed this entry. 

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