Friday, July 26, 2013

Free OSR Magazine PDF Download - FootPrints# 19

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While cruising around I blundered onto the the July issue of Dragon's foot house magazine of Footprints. Issue #19 features some great old school content :
Field Notes from Davendowns (article)
Kung Fu Monk (class)
Magic Items for Assassins and Other Dirty Fighters (article)
King Rat (monster)
Create Food and Drink (recipes)
Troubadour (class)
Into the Shrieking Hollow (adventure)
Ecology of the Cave Blinder (article)
Thorks (adventure)
On the whole it looks really well done and quite good. I personally liked the Magic Items For Assasssins And Other Dirty Fighters.
For me the Monsters were very useful as well as the classes.
Loved the Ecology of the Cave Blinder!
On the whole I'd say three out of four stars. 

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