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1d30 Random Interstellar Gamblers, Tramps, and Thieves For Your Old School Space Opera

1d30 Random Interstellar Gamblers, Tramps, and Thieves Table 
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  1. A merchant trader captain looking into getting a series of illicit cargoes signed out to another ship. A guild of alien assassins is after him for religious reasons. Can you help him. 
  2. A spacer is looking to sell 'Tiberian Dream Drops' for passage to the next star system. He is actually a scout for an advanced alien invasion force. He's armed with a very powerful prototype of energy weapon. He unconsciously shape shifts his right hand errm tendril. 
  3. A crew of gamblers is setting up a small stable casino with a floating game of holo hyper real poker. The game will actually put you in the mind of a famous alien gambler. Getting out is your PC's problem. Your body will be sold to organ handlers. 
  4. A merchant prince is looking to expand his market by moving several cargoes of near sentient humanoids as slave labor. He's looking for agents for his venture. Actually the near humans are Lovecraftian Outer God worshipers who are expanding their cult and will sacrifice the fool and anyone who is helping him. 
  5. A freighter captain is looking for new crew members for a one way venture to another planet of danger and intrigue. Actually the captain is looking to expand his profits by selling the PC's to organ leggers. 
  6. A retired spacer looking to sell a map to a Great Old One treasure planet. The map is real but the destination is a death trap waiting to happen. The cult he stole it from has been selling these for centuries as lures onto an alter. 
  7. A strange 200 year old alien spacer offers to teach psychic powers from beyond the blackness of mankind. The being is actually the host of a planar demon who is looking for a new host as the old body dies out. He actually knows the location of a famous space wreck with treasure on it. 
  8. This holo porn dealer is looking for a bunch of reckless do gooders to transport his wares marked 'medical supplies across an interstellar boarder. He is disguised as a cleric of the Light and will approach the PC's. 
  9. This gambler is looking for passage for himself and his family but fast! Like right now as you hear the charge up sound of some blasters! 
  10. This down trodden warlord is disguised as a spacer and he knows the location of his empire's treasure planet that he's willing to share for passage. He's a 7th level fighter and will try to gain control of any ship helping him. 
  11. A pair of service droids with a ton of war stories. There is a 50% chance of at least two of these stories having adventure and treasure locations in them. 
  12. This drunken gambler is betting his life savings against any one he can. Actually he's using his psychic powers to scan the mind of the rubes in order to gain converts for his cult of  Outer God worshipers. The PC's will be followed, mind wiped, and converted after the encounter. 
  13. A spacer that is looking for passage. That simple no complications. He will however infer that he is part of some interstellar conspiracy. Simply mental illness. 
  14. A lone warrior woman spacer who is looking for adventurers to help free her planet from a group of tyrants and thieves. 
  15. A group of spacers looking to encounter a 'good time' and are actually shanghaiing anyone they can get a hold of for their ship of hell. 
  16. A spacer who is looking for help to free his mate who has been sold into slavery. 
  17. A dealer in weapons who appears as a gambler. He's actually quite good but is looking for clients in small scale interstellar brush fire wars. 
  18. A lone thief looking to make a big score so that he can flip it for profit and move on. He appears a humble pilgrim and is actually a 5th level thief. 
  19. Another spacer disguised in miner's cloths running from creditors and bankers. He has over three million credits stashed someplace on the station. 
  20. A gambler plays with a deck of holo cards and offers to read the future of anyone present. He's actually looking for adventurers to help out with the political situation on his home planet. The cards an alien mind reading device. 
  21. A group of rowdy heavy gravity spacers are fighting among themselves. Actually their the front for a group of very nimble thieves that are moving through the crowd very quickly. They will actually pick a fight if things go wrong however. 
  22. A simple spacer is looking for employment among the adventurers and is actually a gambler on the run from the interstellar law. He's a shape shifter and will reveal himself if the PC's begin playing cards with him. 
  23. A sexy little space changing spacer offers services as ship's counselor to anyone who can pay its passage. Its actually a cagey alien assassin fourth level seeking her target. It moves from station to station leaving a trail of dead bodies. 
  24. This tramp is actually an experienced mining boss whose mind has been blasted by an encounter with a Mi Go warrior. Only expensive treatment can restore him. He will give his true nature away if any shiny ores are revealed in his presence. 
  25. A group of light gravity spacers is doing zero gee acrobatics to pass the time. They also tell stories of local legends of the area. If you listen there is a 25 % chance of some truth to one of these tall tales. 
  26. A miner is moving some ore with an antigravity sled through customs and is looking for a group of adventurers to help stake his claim. The location is actually the nest for a group of very dangerous aliens. He's actually infected with an alien parasite and doesn't know it. There is a rich vein of ore though. 
  27. An alien picker and antique dealer has discovered a huge space wreck and needs a group of adventurers to help him out with the find.Are you game for this? 
  28. A group of gamblers is looking for marks and betting on a group of mining maps. The winner gets a free map to a 'lucky' strike!  Actually the claims are part of an alien mega dungeon and gamblers don't know this. 
  29. A group of tramps is looking for a passage to the next space base. They have a rare gem to barter with. The gem is actually a psychic lens and they are unaware that their powers of  persecution have been enhanced. Without the gem they are stuck. Can you help unravel the mystery? 
  30. A lone man travels from space station to space station leaving a trail of dead bodies in his wake. What is his story? 
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  1. Nice. You can never have enough gamblers and thieves. Tramps, on the other hand, can get a little old. ;)

  2. Thanks! Tramps are like the relatives you never knew you had! They come and hang. The bandlestiffs are the ones you've got to watch out for. Thanks for the comments and more to come!


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