Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Free OSR Download Map Pack PDF From Dragon's Foot - "Original Red Brotherhood Citadel" For Use With Your Old School Science Fantasy Campaigns

Need a twisting tower of doom and destruction for your mad brotherhood of mystics on some forgotten planet of the damned? A lair of evil in the middle of some remote corner of a hell spawned galaxy? Have I got just the place for you! The original 'Red Brotherhood Citadel' is the perfect piece of evil real estate for your game!
 Get it Right Over

Another piece of twisted tower madness from the folks at Dragon's foot! This is a real nasty location perfect for those dark side of the force style mages and wizards that travel between planets, planes, and everywhere in between!
 This map pack clocks in at fourteen pages and its almost fully stocked with maps, descriptions, details, etc. all you have to do is stock it with NPC's, monsters, 'treasure', relics, and a dazzling science fantasy plot hook!
This is a really nice free fourteen page jump off point for any old school campaign but I'm going to be using this for my favorite science fictional retroclones. One thing though is that if stocked with NPCs make sure they correspond to the description within the map pack and that these are of a level in accordance with your players PC's 

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