Monday, October 14, 2013

The Free OSR Resource Monstrous Tome Volume #1 From Dragon's Foot - For Use With Your Old School Science Fantasy Campaigns

 Get it Right Over
A DM can never have enough monsters and this book is packed wall to wall with Old School monsters that can be used in a wide variety of locations and situations in your science fantasy game.  Best of all their free !
According to the Dragon's foot blurb :
Put some new depth into your Advanced Dungeons & Dragons game with one of the new Acid Vampires or the ever-so sweet and cuddly Eh-Oh; ah! Those sharp rows of teeth! – Not to mention the Ethereal Stalker, the wonderfully dangerous Gnome Fisher – oh and never underestimate that Spider Plant in the corner of the garden! And try not to have nightmares about Werebadgers!
In all 32 NEW monsters for your enjoyment!

 Using The Monsterous Tome
For Your OSR Campagin

These are easily converted to any of your favorite retroclones and could appear on any number of worlds, planes, and local dimensional realities. These monsters might easily become separate races into themselves and appear as NPC or PC options allowing a DM even further options.
The fact is one can never have enough monsters. Several of the creatures could easily fit into Trey's City and your favorite Gothic horror setting as well.
There are lots of potential here with these monsters.
Because of the nature of many of the science fictional retroclones on the market such as X plorers and Stars Without Numbers this resource makes conversion an easy snap.
Given some of the potential of these being campaign enders be careful some of the mad bastards bite and then some! 

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